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HMI System WebIQ (Designer & Runtime) installs the development environment WebIQ Designer AND/OR the runtime version of the HMI System WebIQ.

Version 2.15.9

Release Date: 17. May 2024

Main Features

  • Bugfix release for WebIQ Server fixing several bugs.

WebIQ Server

  • WEBIQ-4233 Fix: The characters ‘{', ‘}’ and '|’ did not work correctly in search queries, e.g. in WebIQ Designer

  • WEBIQ-4232 Fix: API: Specifying filters for custom alarm attributes or custom alarm context items did not work anymore

  • WEBIQ-4231 Fix: SQL Statement events have not been executed anymore (only custom SQL queries)

  • WEBIQ-4029 Fix: Runtime Manager: when trying to start an HMI created with a newer version of WebIQ the error message indicated an older version

Version 2.15.8

Release Date: 28. February 2024

Main Features

  • Bugfix release fixing several bugs.

WebIQ Server

  • WEBIQ-4148 Fix: When an item type changes in a short interval (e.g. on OPC UA server initialization) in certain circumstances the item type update was not sent by WebIQ Server (e.g. B&R)

  • WEBIQ-4130 Fix: The auto-logout setting was broken since WebIQ 2.15.0 and did not work anymore

  • WEBIQ-4112 Fix: Runtime Manager: When uploading large HMIs on slower systems the upload was not detected

Version 2.15.7

Release Date: 31. January 2024

Main Features

  • Bugfix release fixing several bugs.

WebIQ Server

  • WEBIQ-4102 Added a workaround for ctrlX licenses where licenses with the same name might occur several times

  • WEBIQ-4085 Added support for JavaScript modules (mjs) file format for sending the correct HTTP header to the client

  • WEBIQ-4074 The simulation function 'alarmcount' now allows for specifying info/alarm/warning to get alarm counts by level

  • WEBIQ-4060 Older HMIs before version 2.14 who used custom.sqlite will now be updated correctly

  • WEBIQ-4089 Fix: Windows AD HMI authentication: the user’s language setting was not transformed correctly

  • WEBIQ-4087 Fix: Windows AD HMI authentication: username was not read correctly

  • WEBIQ-4080 Fix: Recorder Manager: trigger/record events did not work correctly anymore

  • WEBIQ-4077 Fix: The username was returned incorrectly and thus shown wrong in several widgets as well (esp. comments)

  • WEBIQ-4065 Fix: Recipe Edit: dynamically configured item properties were not correctly reported

  • WEBIQ-4033 Fix: On Linux when a recorder was listed in the .webiqignore file it was deleted on HMI upload instead of being ignored

  • WEBIQ-4007 Fix: When using the simulation function 'randomramp' the minimum and maximum settings of the corresponding item were not honored correctly

WebIQ Designer

  • WEBIQ-4093 Fix: Export of composites with associated icons/images that did not exist was not possible

WebIQ Visuals

  • WEBIQ-4079 Fix: Recipe Edit: no or wrong units were shown in certain circumstances

Version 2.15.6

Release Date: 28. November 2023

Main Features

The self-signed OPC UA client certificates generated by the ioHandler for OPC-UA shipped with 2.15.5 were invalid and thus not accepted by some PLCs. This issue has been resolved.

If you have previously installed WebIQ 2.15.5 and upgrade to WebIQ 2.15.6 you have to manually delete the client certificate files:


If you have previously installed WebIQ < 2.15.5 you do not need to and should not delete these files!

Please note that when you delete these files the newly generated client certificate has to be trusted usually on the OPC UA server!

WebIQ Server

  • WEBIQ-4049 Fix: ioHandlerOPC: Generated client certificates are not accepted by some OPC UA servers (introduced in 2.15.5)

Version 2.15.5

Release Date: 22. November 2023

Main Features

Bugfix release fixing two important issues. We highly encourage you to upgrade your WebIQ version as soon as possible. Only updates the server, other components still shipped in version 2.15.4.

WebIQ Server

  • WEBIQ-4038 Fix: A memory leak was found in ioHandlerOPC introduced with WebIQ 2.15.0 and affecting all versions 2.15.0, 2.15.1, 2.15.2, 2.15.3, 2.15.4

  • WEBIQ-3850 Fix: Fix for a potential DoS attack - HTTP(S) connection were not closed automatically on inactivity

  • WEBIQ-4037 Now officially also supports AXC F 1152 for PLCnext

Version 2.15.4

Release Date: 8. November 2023

Main Features

Bugfix release fixing several issues. This version will also support PLCnext systems.

WebIQ Visuals

  • WEBIQ-3972 Fix: Trend Widget: in certain circumstances scale settings were not retained

  • WEBIQ-4009 Fix: IQ Alarm List: the filter at the bottom was not displayed correctly

WebIQ Designer

  • WEBIQ-3993 Fix: Layout Manager: exact positioning was not possible in the Hierarchy anymore using drag & drop

  • WEBIQ-3998 Fix: Layout Manager: some keyboard shortcuts were not working anymore

  • WEBIQ-4005 Fix: Layout Manager: localization dialog did not support keyboard shortcut Ctrl+V for pasting of text

  • WEBIQ-4015 Fix: Layout Manager: when clicking on the "X" button in the item selection input in the Config tab to remove an item it was not really removed

  • WEBIQ-4019 Fix: Layout Manager: performance improvement for complex multi-level panel HMIs in WebIQ Designer

  • WEBIQ-4010 Fix: Package Manager: "Reload Packages" button did not return the user to the Package Manager, but the Layout Manager

  • WEBIQ-3979 Fix: Process Data Manager: boolean items were imported with type 'boolean' instead of 'bool'

  • WEBIQ-4034 Fix: Layout Manager: Possible errors when importing certain composites

WebIQ Server

  • WEBIQ-4022 Fix: Fixed a possible crash when unloading an HMI in certain rare circumstances

  • WEBIQ-4018 Fix: "BadCertificateInvalid" error was returned when a client certificate with "keyCertSign" flag was used

  • WEBIQ-4030 Fix: Process Data Manager: when the type of a recorded item changes the server crashed - usually only happened when changing the item type in WebIQ Designer.

  • WEBIQ-4031 Fix: When the HMI cannot be loaded due to an error with the workspace WebIQ Designer loaded indefinitely because no error was returned

  • WEBIQ-4020 Updated OpenSSL to version 3.1.4 - see for details

  • WEBIQ-3967 Added support for PLCnext systems

Version 2.15.3

Release Date: 19. October 2023

Main Features

  • Changes for ctrlX release only

WebIQ Server

  • WEBIQ-4008: ctrlX: WebIQ Server must wait until ctrlX is ready

Please note that this release only updates WebIQ Server, there are no changes in WebIQ Designer and WebIQ Visuals so these will still be shipped in version 2.15.0 and report as such

Version 2.15.2

Release Date: 28. September 2023


  • Bugfix release for WebIQ Server containing important fixes.

WebIQ Server

  • WEBIQ-3985 Fix: When updating WebIQ from a version < 2.14 to 2.15 it no longer worked. Updating from 2.14 to 2.15 worked.

  • WEBIQ-3984 Fix: When updating an HMI from a previous version the listeners were not migrated.

  • WEBIQ-3987 Fix: 'Reset password' functionality did not work anymore

  • WEBIQ-3986 Fix: On Linux ARM systems an error occurred when changing a user’s password

  • WEBIQ-3983 Fix: An HMI could not be loaded in WebIQ when a user’s description field contained only numbers

  • WEBIQ-3973 Fix: Alarm Manager: Alarm type 'watchdog' did not work anymore

Please note that this release only updates WebIQ Server, there are no changes in WebIQ Designer and WebIQ Visuals so these will still be shipped in version 2.15.0 and report as such

Version 2.15.1

Release Date: 15. September 2023

Important Update

WebIQ 2.15.0 erroneously only utilized unencrypted connections to the OPC-UA server, unfortunately. Because a fallback to unencrypted connections happened by default we have both fixed the initial issue and changed the way encryption is handled.

When updating from a previous WebIQ version before 2.14.0 please update first to 2.14.3 - otherwise WebIQ will not work anymore on your system. This will be fixed with the upcoming 2.15.2 release.
BREAKING CHANGE If you have been using unencrypted connections to your OPC UA server and you want to keep using unencrypted connections after updating to WebIQ 2.15.1 you have to manually modify the IO Handler configuration in the IO Manager by setting both Message Security Mode and Security Policy to None manually, otherwise WebIQ will support encrypted connections to the OPC UA server only and you might not be able to access items from the server until you change this setting.
In general we recommend to only use encrypted connections to the OPC UA server

Please note that this release only updates the OPC UA IO Handler, there are no changes in WebIQ Server, WebIQ Designer and WebIQ Visuals so these will still be shipped in version 2.15.0

WebIQ Server

  • WEBIQ-3977 IO Manager: Message Security Mode 'automatic' no longer contains 'none' so it will not fallback automatically to non-encrypted communication if encryption fails

  • WEBIQ-3975 Fix: WebIQ 2.15.0 did not support encrypted connections to OPC-UA servers anymore and tried to fall back to unencrypted connections, see WEBIQ-3977

Version 2.15.0

Release Date: 06. September 2023

Smart-HMI urges you to update WebIQ to this version for security reasons before September 11, 2023:

Main Features

  • Completely redesigned widget list in WebIQ Designer for better UX including a search function

  • Keyboard shortcuts and new menu structure in WebIQ Designer

  • Layout Manager: all item fields in the Configuration Cockpit now feature a suggest/autocomplete list for easier input

  • Layout Manager: redesigned CSS modifier dialog, IQ styles can now be copied and pasted on other widgets and converted into CSS code and a lot more - see below for details

WebIQ Visuals

  • WEBIQ-3912 Fix: In table widgets like Alarm List, User List etc. the search could not be unset on touch devices using the 'x'

  • WEBIQ-3877 Fix: IQ Trend: when switching items of a trend labels were now shown anymore on trend handles, but the item names

  • WEBIQ-3865 Fix: IQ Trend Time: fixed a possible error in rare circumstances

  • WEBIQ-3848 Fix: Fixed a seldom error on filtering in managers

  • WEBIQ-3917 Overlay Keyboard: is now used also in search fields like contained in list widgets

  • WEBIQ-3913 Overlay Keyboard: on touch devices now only shown on touch event in the corresponding field, not when field has been focused automatically

  • WEBIQ-3852 Added automatic mapping of slightly different user locales for LDAP

  • WEBIQ-3538 IQ Trend: the Y scale width is now adjusted automatically to the value widths to prevent scale values from running into each other

  • WEBIQ-1350 Added new function shmi.listenOnce(…​) for easier one-shot listeners

WebIQ Designer

  • WEBIQ-3951 Fix: In certain circumstances text flickering could occur in some parts of WebIQ Designer.

  • WEBIQ-3921 Fix: In certain rare circumstances with complex HMIs WebIQ Designer became unusable after changing an item name in a composite widget

  • WEBIQ-3908 Fix: Code Manager: when creating a stylesheet with a name of an already existing file which correctly failed an then changing the name the newly created CSS contained the wrong content

  • WEBIQ-3860 Fix: Layout Manager: when importing widget templates in certain circumstances invalid JSON was generated which did not allow to load the HMI later.

  • WEBIQ-3855 Fix: When copy/pasting values inside certain manager search fields an Input-Field range error was shown

  • WEBIQ-3815 Fix: Panel widgets: when creating new views the automatically generated view name is now logical

  • WEBIQ-3945 Layout Manager: the widget list can now be opened with a keyboard shortcut

  • WEBIQ-3901 Layout Manager: Completely new widget panel for better usability including search

  • WEBIQ-3900 Layout Manager: copy/paste/cut/delete buttons are now disabled when no widget has been selected

  • WEBIQ-3891 Layout Manager: the class name and CSS Modifiers dialog has been improved

  • WEBIQ-3887 Layout Manager: When dragging elements in her hierarchy the mouse pointer was not correct (copy instead of move)

  • WEBIQ-3883 Layout Manager: the header has been updated with new icons

  • WEBIQ-3881 Layout Manager: the widget list has been completely renewed for easier access

  • WEBIQ-3870 Layout Manager: IQ Styling: a new button has been added to reset IQ styles for a single or all selectors of a selected widget

  • WEBIQ-3864 Layout Manager: auto-complete functionality has been added for UI Action selection

  • WEBIQ-3830 Layout Manager: when forcing a reload of the HMI through the corresponding button more options have been added

  • WEBIQ-3817 Layout Manager: widget IQ styles can now be copied to other widgets

  • WEBIQ-3769 Layout Manager: now multiple widgets can be selected at once in the hierarchy and moved, copied, deleted

  • WEBIQ-3768 Layout Manager: consistent and better fonts are now used in the config and style cockpits

  • WEBIQ-3767 Layout Manager: UI Actions are now sorted alphabetically and feature an autocomplete for easier access

  • WEBIQ-3766 Layout Manager: CSS Modifier Dialog: can now only be closed after adding a selected class to prevent confusion

  • WEBIQ-3765 Layout Manager: added a new button for entering panel widgets and composites for better unerstanding

  • WEBIQ-3757 Layout Manager: new buttons for conditional visibility and locking

  • WEBIQ-3874 Layout Manager: all config patterns for items now include autocomplete functionality

  • WEBIQ-3711 Layout Manager: Composite: when entering a Composite widget the config patterns will now be highlighted that will be overwritten by defined Snippets in the Composite configuration

  • WEBIQ-3686 Layout Manager: Composite: widget configuration now allows for selecting existing structures from Process Data Manager

  • WEBIQ-3869 Alarm Manager: on duplication when items are missing the message now tells the user which items do not exist

  • WEBIQ-3861 Alarm Manager: when duplicating alarms shifted bitmasks now support up to 52 bit values - more is not possible due to web technology limitations

  • WEBIQ-3831 Alarm Manager: the 'Duplicate Alarms' dialog has been optimized for UX

  • WEBIQ-3034 Alarm Manager: added direct editing of alarm texts including all available localizations

  • WEBIQ-3758 Code Manager: custom CSS classes inside CSS files are now detected and selectable inside the CSS Modifiers dialog

  • WEBIQ-3872 Recorder Manager: after creating a recorder it will now be selected automatically so you can add items immediately

  • WEBIQ-3940 Changed the sort order of entries in Localization Manager and Code Manager to natural sort order.

  • WEBIQ-3906 Remote Runtime Manager: local management of remote servers has been replaced by opening the corresponding Runtime Manager in the default browser

  • WEBIQ-3882 All managers are now available inside a single menu and can also be opened through keyboard shortcuts

  • WEBIQ-3879 UI Action: Trend Export - added a tooltip for better understanding

  • WEBIQ-3857 In all Designer dialogs the order of OK/Cancel buttons is now consistent

  • WEBIQ-3808 Localization entry elements can now be edited for all available languages at once right from the widget configuration

  • WEBIQ-3784 Project List: the UX for the search field has been improved

WebIQ Server

  • WEBIQ-3943 Fix: Fixed an issue with the License Agent on Raspberry Pi (and maybe other ARM systems) that prevented it from starting in the first place - affected only 32 Bit OS.

  • WEBIQ-3932 Fix: Certain TLS messages were logged as error when using HTTPS

  • WEBIQ-3919 Fix: Fixed an issue where an intermittent short loss of the internet connection when using floating licenses caused WebIQ Designer to lose the license temporarily

  • WEBIQ-3915 Fix: Fixed some log message texts

  • WEBIQ-3914 Fix: License Agent: when activating a license on a system with a completely full disk the license was lost

  • WEBIQ-3867 Fix: It was possible to add revoked/expired Designer licenses which led to confusion but of course these were not usable

  • WEBIQ-3859 Fix: Recorder Manager: when creating a specific recorder with certain settings an error was shown and the recorder was not created

  • WEBIQ-3849 Fix: Fixed an issue where item names in all dialogs in WebIQ Designer were case-sensitive - the bug had been introduced in 2.14

  • WEBIQ-3949 Added support for Beijer-specific licenses

  • WEBIQ-3873 Added support for new ctrlX licenses

  • WEBIQ-3832 Runtime Manager: Added a note that the user is responsible for saving and backing up license files

  • WEBIQ-3800 Security Update: the integrated OpenSSL library used has been updated from 1.1.1 to 3.0. We urge you to update to this version of WebIQ before September 11, 2023:

  • WEBIQ-3725 Support for Windows Active Directory authentication for HMIs has been added

Version 2.14.3

Release Date: 22. June 2023

Main Features

  • Bugfix release mainly for WebIQ Server

WebIQ Server

  • WEBIQ-3863 Fix: Internal items (using the internal IO Handler) were not stored persistently anymore.

WebIQ Designer

  • WEBIQ-3866 Fix: HMI Project Starter: contained some locale settings that might have overwritten some default localizations

  • WEBIQ-3845 Fix: IQ Text: when opening the localization selection dialog and clicking OK without selecting a localization 'null' was inserted

Version 2.14.1

Release Date: 26. May 2023


  • Bugfix release mainly for ctrlX

WebIQ Server

  • WEBIQ-3846 Fix: When an alarm was raised the acknowledgement was not set correctly anymore

  • WEBIQ-3807 Fix: Bugfix for a freeze of WebIQ 2.14.0 on ctrlX: disabled SSDP/UPNP auto-discovery on ctrlX for now, added optional new parameter --disable-upnp for WebIQ Server in general

Version 2.14.0

Release Date: 02.05.2023

Main Features

  • Alarm Manager: alarms can now be duplicated and imported and exported

  • Widget templates and composite widgets can now be imported and exported as instances

  • All Roboto fonts can now be used in IQ styling for all widgets

  • WebIQ Server project configuration database (project.sqlite) has been removed and replaced by JSON files for better versioning of changes

  • The server configuration tool (connectcfg) has been removed as all functionality is now available through the Runtime Manager

  • Connections to OPC-UA datasources can now be forced to be encrypted with disabling unencrypted fallbacks

  • New widget IQ Trend-Set Select for configuring different trend sets through the HMI

Release Notes

  • Updated supported minimum browser versions to these (or compatible):

    • Chrome 80 (released 04.02.2020)

    • Firefox 74 (released 10.03.2020)

    • Edge 80 (released 07.02.2020)

    • Safari 14 (released 16.09.2019)

    • Opera 67 (released 25.02.2020)

  • As the configuration tool connectcfg has been removed it can no longer be used. However, this did not work with WebIQ 2.13 already on Linux.

  • If your HMI is using prepared SQL statements which you have manually added to project.sqlite before and which reference project.sqlite itself (the "target_database" column contains "project") your corresponding code has to be modified, because as the database does not exist anymore you cannot perform SQL queries on (now new) JSON files. Instead, there are two options:

    1. your code has to include the SQL statement itself used to fetch all other associated SQL statements before from the database

    2. you have to use the Server API ( to retrieve the corresponding SQL statements. Before you have to add an ACL entry for the list/read command.

In any case, please contact us if you are affected by this issue so we can ensure a smooth transition. Please note that this issue affects only a very small amount of users and cannot be caused by working with WebIQ Designer - you would have to manually edit the database file project.sqlite to cause that issue.

WebIQ Installer

  • WEBIQ-3688 Added '(incl. Runtime)' to the development system in the installer to point out that WebIQ Server will also be installed on a development environment

WebIQ Server

  • WEBIQ-3720 Fix: [SECURITY] SQLite database file could be downloaded through the browser. As these include the unencrypted credentials for OPC-UA servers this is a security vulnerability and all OPC-UA server credentials should be considered compromised and changed immediately.

  • WEBIQ-3631 Fix: An error message was logged when a websocket was not closed correctly that was not really an error and has thus been removed

  • WEBIQ-3650 Fix: The Alarm List did not always show results when the server was running on Linux

  • WEBIQ-3664 Fix: When using source timestamps for items in a trend no data was recorded

  • WEBIQ-3699 Fix: Runtime Manager: when the connection was lost to WebIQ Server the error message was not displayed correctly

  • WEBIQ-3718 Fix: Improved error log in case WebIQ Designer sends an invalid request to WebIQ Server

  • WEBIQ-3727 Fix: The Server configuration tool (connectcfg) has been removed as configuration can now be done through Remote Runtime Manager.

  • WEBIQ-3739 Fix: Simulation server items were updated at each specified interval regardless of whether they had changed

  • WEBIQ-3770 Fix: Added output of parameter --license-agent-host in the command output

  • WEBIQ-3778 Fix: When entering a dot in a search input field in one of WebIQ Designer’s managers the CPU and RAM load could go up to 100%

  • WEBIQ-3791 Fix: Runtime Manager: No error message was shown when connect.sqlite could not be written due to incorrectly set file permissions by the user.

  • WEBIQ-3797 Fix: A simulation item with the simulation function 'randomramp' was changed to 'ramp' automatically and three parameters were added.

  • WEBIQ-3804 Fix: Runtime Manager: when a master license key with multiple licenses with one license containing an infinite number of tags had been selected, 0 was shown instead of unlimited for tags - this was only a display error.

  • WEBIQ-3805 Fix: Path placeholders like %configpath% were replaced by their value and then stored. This resulted in the complete path in the configuration instead of the one with placeholders which is not desirable.

  • WEBIQ-3806 Fix: When an alarm had been deleted in WebIQ Designer it remained active and could be triggered. On trigger an error was logged in the logfile.

  • WEBIQ-3809 Fix: It was no longer possible to use median aggregation in a trend - if such a trend was used in a Trend display widget no lines were drawn

  • WEBIQ-3818 Fix: Trend aggregation using rolling median returned wrong data after some time

  • WEBIQ-3825 Fix: Process Data Manager: when browsing an OPC-UA server not all nodes were accessible sometimes

  • WEBIQ-3367 Almost all configuration options for an HMI project are now available as JSON files for easier versioning - project.sqlite has therefore been removed.

  • WEBIQ-3680 Demos and News can now also be accessed with a proxy configured on the system

  • WEBIQ-3702 IO Manager: it is now possible to restrict item updates for a datasource to only be notified when the item value changes - not the item timestamp

  • WEBIQ-3707 It was possible to use an older version of WebIQ License agent with WebIQ Server - this will no longer be possible and would only occur with custom non-standard setups anyway

  • WEBIQ-3723 It is now possible to enforce an enrcypted connection to the OPC-UA server

  • WEBIQ-3761 When certain errors occurred that related to Windows WinHTTP interface the exact Windows error code was not shown before - this has been added now

  • WEBIQ-3762 Added support for the reverse proxy on ctrlX systems

  • WEBIQ-3785 License activation did not work when the Windows "WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery" (WPAD) service had been disabled. WebIQ now does not rely on that service anymore.

  • WEBIQ-3801 License Agent: can be configured by a JSON file which will now be created by default (it was supported before, but not created if it did not exist)

  • WEBIQ-3819 Removed PnP DeviceID from licensing data to prevent licenses from becoming invalid when the firmware or driver is updated (specifically Windows)

WebIQ Designer

  • WEBIQ-3227 Fix: When updating to a newer version of WebIQ some dialogs inside the System dialog that had changed were not shown in the latest version because of caching

  • WEBIQ-3426 Fix: Layout Manager: When a widget was inserted into a view of a screen sometimes it jumped back to the first view

  • WEBIQ-3471 Fix: Localization Manager: when a localization variable was selected and the locale changed the configuration on the right did not change automatically

  • WEBIQ-3671 Fix: To prevent an unsupported connection of a newer WebIQ Designer to an older WebIQ Server (for ws-host and ws-port params) this will no longer be possible.

  • WEBIQ-3690 Fix: IQ Responsive Menu: in very rare circumstances duplicate entry ids could have been generated leading to follow-up errors

  • WEBIQ-3692 Fix: Process Data Manager: In rare circumstances when configuring virtual items they would be shown twice

  • WEBIQ-3693 Fix: In certain circumstances an error was shown when configuring a composite widget

  • WEBIQ-3694 Fix: An error message was shown and the composite could not be deleted from the widget list when the composite had been created with WebIQ ⇐ 2.11.0

  • WEBIQ-3695 Fix: Process Data Manager: tooltip for input/display limits has been clarified

  • WEBIQ-3728 Fix: Item Manager: It was possible to create duplicate virtual item names through renaming

  • WEBIQ-3738 Fix: It was possible to select virtual items in Alarm Manager and Recorder Manager even though they are not supported there

  • WEBIQ-3749 Fix: UX inconvenience in Responsive Menu configuration allowing users to drag the configuration itself

  • WEBIQ-3753 Fix: Composite Widgets: in certain configurations when modifying a composite widget other instances were modified but not the selected instance

  • WEBIQ-3763 Fix: The alarm condition != was not displayed correctly in Alarm Manager

  • WEBIQ-3776 Fix: Renamed 'less' to 'LESS' in build output messages for better understanding

  • WEBIQ-3780 Fix: A localization was missing for an error message that occurred when an access group could not be added

  • WEBIQ-3799 Fix: Process Data Manager: when an variable was created with invalid simulation parameters a very generic message was shown - now a helpful message is shown instead that identifies the corresponding variables.

  • WEBIQ-3820 Fix: UI-Action composite-placeholders did not allow setting of items and localizable strings

  • WEBIQ-2458 Alarm Manager: alarms can now be duplicated

  • WEBIQ-3041 Alarm Manager: Removed unsupported alarm condition operations +, -, * and / (no operand can be entered)

  • WEBIQ-3494 Alarm Manager: alarms can now be imported and exported

  • WEBIQ-3679 The click area in the project list for the three-dots-menu has been enlarged for easier access

  • WEBIQ-3681 It is now possible to access the configuration and about dialogs when an HMI has been loaded

  • WEBIQ-3683 The widget meta data format has been extended for referring to resources

  • WEBIQ-3684 Widget templates and composites can now be imported and exported

  • WEBIQ-3691 'Trends' has been renamed to 'Trend Groups' throughout WebIQ Designer

  • WEBIQ-3712 When opening the widget list the view navigation will now be moved to the right for better UX while having the widget list pinned and working with views

  • WEBIQ-3713 When connected to a remote system using --ws-host and --ws-port these will be shown in the title bar (ctrlX)

  • WEBIQ-3715 Now all Roboto font styles can be selected in the IQ styling for texts in widgets

  • WEBIQ-3722 When updating a package a lot less messages will be shown, furthermore, errors will be highlighted

  • WEBIQ-3746 It is now possible to access the configuration and about dialogs when an HMI has been loaded

  • WEBIQ-3788 When connecting to WebIQ on a ctrlX system directly and then to the local WebIQ Server - or vice versa - a login was required in WebIQ Designer as only a single login token was supported.

WebIQ Visuals

  • WEBIQ-3391 Fix: Recipe Select: overlay keyboard was not shown on click even though enabled

  • WEBIQ-3531 Fix: Auto-Logout time was limited to a maximum of around 28 days (with 'unlimited' still working)

  • WEBIQ-3665 Fix: IQ Image Changer, IQ Label, Label: bitmasks did not work with bits >= 31

  • WEBIQ-3670 Fix: Unit classes did not work correctly with alarm widgets and only displayed the unit class number, not the unit class text

  • WEBIQ-3689 Fix: IQ Trend: when tolerances were used and did not change for long periods of time this resulted in missing or wrongly drawn tolerance lines

  • WEBIQ-3696 Fix: Recipe Edit: when using string items with an enabled numpad in the widget it was also shown on string items

  • WEBIQ-3697 Fix: IQ AlarmList: the columns comes/goes did not use the specified global alarm date format localization variable 'alarmlist_dateformat'

  • WEBIQ-3698 Fix: IQ Alarm List: a JavaScript error was logged to the console and the filter box displayed '---' by default

  • WEBIQ-3706 Fix: it was not possible to make 'Selected Values' and other similar config patterns available to outside the composite in several widgets

  • WEBIQ-3717 Fix: Recipe Select, Recipe List: when used inside composite widgets, certain elements were missing in the snippets section

  • WEBIQ-3759 Fix: When a recipe had been created followed by a change of the language no further recipe could be created and no error message was shown

  • WEBIQ-3779 Fix: Widgets with quick search input fields including in WebIQ Designer: when values were entered in such a field and then characters were deleted using the backspace key the number of results was sometimes not shown correctly in the list.

  • WEBIQ-3787 Fix: Composite Widget: when an item property of a condition modifier was set through a snippet and the modifier had been removed an invalid modifier remained that prohibited editing of the composite widget

  • WEBIQ-3789 Fix: IQ Radial Gauge/IQ Linear Gauge: When a linear gradient had a value set larger than 100% the HMI could no longer be edited in WebIQ Designer and the gauge would not work correctly

  • WEBIQ-3390 IQ Slider: added support for inverted usage, i.e. maximum value on the left, minimum value on the right

  • WEBIQ-3705 New API function shmi.setCompositePlaceholders allows to change composite placeholder values programmatically.

  • WEBIQ-3714 Roboto Black font is now also shipped with WebIQ

  • WEBIQ-3716 Trend-Select: now keeps the color, filling, tolerances etc. settings for a trend item after deselecting and selecting it again

  • WEBIQ-3719 Trend-Set Select: new widget for managing trend sets through the HMI

  • WEBIQ-3721 It is now possible to export trend data with a UI action

  • WEBIQ-3726 New functions for custom scripts have been added to detect whether running inside WebIQ Designer: shmi.isDesignerPreview() and shmi.isDesignerEditor()

  • WEBIQ-3783 UI-Action: a new UI Action 'trend-set-values' is now available that can be used to apply trend sets to a trend display widget

  • WEBIQ-3795 Screen: new option 'delete inactive views' has been added for performance improvement (but with implications you need to be aware of)

  • WEBIQ-3803 IQ Date/Time: the default item 'Systemzeit' will now be preset

Version 2.13.0

Release Date: 21.12.2022

Main Features

  • New IQ Trend Display widget and corresponding new widgets (complete reimplementation)

  • Recorders can now be started and stopped via UI Actions or item conditions (and the Server API)

  • Recorders can now record on trigger and the Server API (record a single dataset once on each trigger)

  • New and fresh project list, included demos for download and latest blog posts

  • Items now supports tolerances (for Trend Display widgets) and can be marked as discrete

  • Projects can now be manged and up- and downloaded from the Runtime Manager in the browser

  • The Server log file can now be downloaded from the Runtime Manager

  • Added support for comments in the new Trend Display and Alarm List widgets

  • The Alarm List widget can now be filtered by groups (configuration option)

  • The Windows installers now allow for easy selection of development and runtime systems

Release Notes


  • Supported minimum browser versions (or compatible):

    • Chrome 78 (released 22.10.2019)

    • Firefox 72 (released 07.01.2020)

    • Edge 79 (released 15.01.2020)

    • Safari 12.1 (released 25.03.2019)

    • Opera 60 (released 09.03.2019)

  • HMI projects created with older versions of WebIQ can no longer be started in WebIQ Server until updated to the same version through WebIQ Designer. This has been implemented to prevent follow-up errors if the HMI requires a current version of the database structure and/or new functions in WebIQ Server.

  • System & License Manager has been renamed to Runtime Manager and now has a lot more features including logfile download (especially helpful for ctrlX systems)

  • the server log can now also be downloaded from the Runtime Manager

  • the legacy trend widgets have been replaced by new IQ Trend widgets that can be found in their own category in the Layout Manager of WebIQ Designer

  • the command line argument --update has been added to WebIQ Server to update a project database

  • new UI actions for starting and stopping recorders will show connected lines in the legacy Trend Display widget. Please use the new IQ Trend widgets instead which will not connect the lines when triggering start and stop of a recorder.

  • the configuration file for the license agent will be created automatically, but only on the second start due to file system permissions


  • WebIQ Server and License Agent can now be run as a non-root user (bugfix)

  • files will automatically be moved from ~/.webiq to /var/lib/webiq so they are now similarly stored as on Windows as they are not user-dependent anymore

  • the parameter --license has been removed and was not supported anymore since 2.11 anyway


  • The installer now offers easy selection of a development or runtime environment. Please note that if you update from a previous version 'Runtime' will always be selected by default and has to be changed manually to update a development environment.

WebIQ Visuals

  • WEBIQ-3635 Fix: The function shmi.onReady(..) searched for wrong widgets when a widget whose name partially contained the name of the desired widgets

  • WEBIQ-3618 Fix: IQ Button: when values should be written when the button is pushed it did not work with bit access.

  • WEBIQ-3601 Fix: IQ Linear Gauge, IQ Progress Info: fixed attribute 'fill from end'

  • WEBIQ-3598 Fix: IQ Image Changer: a specified title was never displayed

  • WEBIQ-3597 Fix: IQ Slider: when initially not visible in certain circumstances it could not be used

  • WEBIQ-3591 Fix: Overlay Keyboard: fixed an issue that prevented custom handlers from being used

  • WEBIQ-3581 Fix: When creating an app starter based on the tutorial the resulting HMI was empty due to changes in the layout backend.

  • WEBIQ-3570 Fix: Numpad: when a single-digit value could be entered typing on the touch keyboard did not replace the digit correctly

  • WEBIQ-3561 Fix: IQ Radial Gauge: in certain instances the initialization did not work correctly

  • WEBIQ-3527 Fix: IQ Select Date: fixed white background instead of transparent background

  • WEBIQ-3498 Fix: Dialog: the UI Action option 'insert top-level' did not work correctly from inside a composite

  • WEBIQ-3462 Fix: IQ Input Field: when a multi-line input field was locked the line-breaks were removed

  • WEBIQ-3440 Fix: When items were not unsubscribed correctly on unload (e.g. in a LocalScript) when changing the localization item properties were not correctly set afterwards.

  • WEBIQ-3605 IQ Alarm List: comments on alarms can be edited

  • WEBIQ-3586 Packages can now contain custom CSS files that will be listed inside the Code Manager

  • WEBIQ-3560 The 'item-write' event has been extended

  • WEBIQ-3521 IQ Heartbeat: will now raise an error and trigger the corresponding UI action if the initial value for the item to observe was not received within the defined timeout. Previously this only happened after a successful reading of the item.

  • WEBIQ-3518 IQ Input Field: in multiline mode the resize handle is not shown anymore by default and can be configured

  • WEBIQ-3463 IQ Select Radio: now includes new layouts for using buttons instead of circles

  • WEBIQ-3459 IQ AlarmList: you can now define group ids for filtering the list to only show alarms from that alarm group(s) only

  • WEBIQ-3458 IQ AlarmList: comments can now be added to alarms

  • WEBIQ-3452 New trend widgets: IQ Trend Legend, IQ Trend Live, IQ Trend Select, IQ Trend Time, IQ Trend Zoom

  • WEBIQ-3448 IQ AlarmList: can now be restricted to certain alarm groups

  • WEBIQ-3446 IQ Alarm List: a placeholder has been added for an alarm level icon in the Alarm List detail area

  • WEBIQ-3437 IQ Select Date: added CSS modifiers for selecting the popup location (top, left)

  • WEBIQ-3381 Overlay Keyboard: in a password dialog the user can make the current input visible by clicking on a new eye button

WebIQ Designer

  • WEBIQ-3642 Fix: UI Actions were shown in UI Action selection configuration patterns even when the corresponding package was available, but not installed in the project

  • WEBIQ-3640 Fix: When invalid JSON files are contained in the project (e.g. when the user edited a file manually) and these contain an error the HMI cannot be loaded until the issue has been fixed.

  • WEBIQ-3617 Fix: The index.html file was not generated automatically on package updates in Package Manager

  • WEBIQ-3599 Fix: Package Manager sometimes did not verify the package dependencies correctly

  • WEBIQ-3582 Fix: Fixed an issue where deleting certain views caused inconsistencies in the layout model leading to script errors in WebIQ Designer.

  • WEBIQ-3574 Fix: Recorder Manager: Added a loading overlay when recorder configuration changes are applied to prevent issues in case the process takes longer than expected.

  • WEBIQ-3559 Fix: The error message 'ResizeObserver loop limit exceeded' was shown in certain cases in slower systems

  • WEBIQ-3534 Fix: A package with exactly 3 or 9 letters in its name could not be installed

  • WEBIQ-3526 Fix: Process Data Manager: when an integer item was created under 'Variables' the item type was not shown correctly under 'Items'

  • WEBIQ-3515 Fix: Unable to create more items when the runtime license tag limit has been reached only when WebIQ Designer was used with a Designer License in combination with a runtime license.

  • WEBIQ-3472 Fix: Fixed an error message shown when a CSS Modifier was used with static values instead of items which was disabled

  • WEBIQ-3436 Fix: When assets like images contained a + symbol in the filename these were not shown correctly

  • WEBIQ-3422 Fix: User Manager: user deactivation checkbox did not work.

  • WEBIQ-3378 Fix: Several managers did not update the lists in certain circumstances

  • WEBIQ-3641 Recorder Manager: when a lot of items are added to a recorder and it takes longer an overlay is shown to inform the user

  • WEBIQ-3623 New UI Actions for starting and stopping recorders are available

  • WEBIQ-3607 A tooltip in the Recorder Manager has been changed for better understanding

  • WEBIQ-3569 Tolerances can now be configured

  • WEBIQ-3563 Newly created composites can no longer have the same name to avoid confusion

  • WEBIQ-3562 Recorder Manager: recorders can now record data when certain events happen

  • WEBIQ-3549 Project List: when hovering with the mouse over the 'package update available' icon the packages that have to be updated are listed

  • WEBIQ-3536 Layout Manager: Modified menu for documentation and support

  • WEBIQ-3523 To clarify naming the word 'app' has been renamed to 'HMI Project' in WebIQ Designer

  • WEBIQ-3522 Items can now be marked as discrete.

  • WEBIQ-3520 When creating a new HMI project, the debug box will not be shown anymore.

  • WEBIQ-3514 Project Manager has been removed from WebIQ Designer and is still available through the Runtime Manager on

  • WEBIQ-3512 The publish dialog text has been corrected.

  • WEBIQ-3492 When an HMI project uses a package which is not installed in WebIQ Designer a corresponding message will now be shown in the configuration cockpit

  • WEBIQ-3485 New layout in WebIQ Designer

  • WEBIQ-3484 The latest blog entries from our website are now available right inside WebIQ Designer

  • WEBIQ-3483 Available demos can be accessed and downloaded right from inside WebIQ Designer

  • WEBIQ-3480 The new project list now also includes a list view in addition to the tile view

  • WEBIQ-3479 The project list can now be sorted by certain project attributes

  • WEBIQ-3478 Searching in the project list is now available

  • WEBIQ-3477 Fresh design for the new project list

  • WEBIQ-3461 When importing exported layouts which include CSS the user will now be asked if CSS files should be overwritten if they already exist.

  • WEBIQ-3460 When importing layouts that contain composite widgets that already exist (identified by their own unique internal ID, not their name) the user now has the option to overwrite or skip the corresponding composite.

  • WEBIQ-3445 IQ Alarm Info: a new layout is available that includes the alarm detail message

  • WEBIQ-3402 Process Data Manager: Item Tolerances can now be configured

  • WEBIQ-3290 IQ Trend Display: added completely new Trend Display widget using the new API

WebIQ Server

  • WEBIQ-3633 Fix: Arrays were sent decoded despite not being fully supported.

  • WEBIQ-3621 Fix: Possible memory leak when reinitializing the SSDP server for discovery that

  • WEBIQ-3620 Fix: There was no maximum log file size defined by default. This has now been fixed.

  • WEBIQ-3579 Fix: Possible crash when unloading of projects is forced by license loss.

  • WEBIQ-3556 Fix: Trend: recording of static items did not work correctly in all instances

  • WEBIQ-3532 Fix: Fixed a crash that could happen when an IO Handler lost a connection to its source

  • WEBIQ-3457 Fix: On Linux devices using MMC block devices invalid hardware data was recorded in the activation file that might lead to licenses becoming invalid

  • WEBIQ-3455 Fix: The alarm confirmation item was not written correctly in certain cases

  • WEBIQ-3453 Fix: INT32/UINT32 items were always written as 0 or 1

  • WEBIQ-3450 Fix: Fixed a possible race condition on project unload

  • WEBIQ-3443 Fix: License Agent would only run as root user on Linux

  • WEBIQ-3439 Fix: Fixed possible DoS (Denial of Service) because of wrong URL parsing

  • WEBIQ-3433 Fix: Recorder could not record unsigned integer values

  • WEBIQ-3370 Fix: Fixed the error 'system:10049:The requested address is not valid in its context' which sometimes led to WebIQ Server not being able to start correctly on system boot (Windows only)

  • WEBIQ-3632 Recorders can now be started and stopped via the API

  • WEBIQ-3611 Added configurable HTTP headers in .db/config.json for added optional security: CSP, Anti-clickjacking, disable content sniffing, hide server header or configure a custom header

  • WEBIQ-3564 Added support for WebIQ Enterprise licenses

  • WEBIQ-3553 Linux: projects and associated data can now be found in /var/lib/webiq instead of the home directory of the user running the server. In addition the command line parameter --update was added to update a project database.

  • WEBIQ-3552 Linux: WebIQ Server now also runs as a non-root user. Also the parameter '--license' has been removed as it was not supported anymore since WebIQ 2.11 anyway.

  • WEBIQ-3548 Runtime Manager: HMI projects created with older versions of WebIQ can no longer be started until updated to the same version

  • WEBIQ-3500 The connect.log server log file can now be downloaded from the Runtime Manager directly

  • WEBIQ-3491 Added an information to the license activation in WebIQ Designer that shows why certain (runtime) licenses cannot be activated there.

  • WEBIQ-3476 You can now configure CORS headers in WebIQ Server which is required to embed WebIQ HMIs in other website, e.g. using iFrames.

  • WEBIQ-3465 The Runtime Manager (formerly named 'System & License Manager') now allows you to see, import, export, start, stop and configure projects for autostart.

  • WEBIQ-3423 Runtime Manager & Designer: license management now shows 'subscription' instead of the yearly expiration date for subscription licenses

  • WEBIQ-3415 License Agent in Linux now also honors proxy environment variables

  • WEBIQ-3406 Added support for recorder triggering instead of continuous recording

  • WEBIQ-3403 Added support for comments

  • WEBIQ-3401 Items can now be marked as discrete

  • WEBIQ-3400 Implemented support for tolerances

  • WEBIQ-3399 Added the new Trend2 API for accessing trend data from the new IQ Trend Display

  • WEBIQ-3398 Added API for database operations for Trend V2

  • WEBIQ-3397 Support for recording item attributes in a recorder

Version 2.12.1

Release Date: 19. July 2022


  • Small update for adding PC license support for ctrlX and fixing a crash on very old versions of Windows 10. For ctrlX installations please make sure to use the 64 Bit installer only and install the optional ctrlX components during setup.

WebIQ Server

  • WEBIQ-3428 ctrlX: Support for PC licenses added

  • WEBIQ-3429 Fix: Crashed on very old versions of Windows 10 (1607 from 2016)

Version 2.12.0

Release Date: 07.07.2022

Main Features

  • New internal web server for browsing the current app directly from inside WebIQ Designer without publishing on

  • Web browser cache time can now be configured in the System & License Manager and has been lowered from the default 24 hours to 60 seconds removing the need to empty the browser cache after updating the HMI.

  • User, Listener and Log settings can now be configured from inside the WebIQ System & License Manager

  • Remote Manager now fully supports encrypted TLS connections

  • For floating licenses when a connection to the WebIQ License Server cannot be established (e.g. when a corporate firewall is blocking these requests) clearer error messages now indicate the reason so that it can be acted on accordingly

  • Improved the UI of the Overlay Keyboard

  • The timestamp from the OPC UA server can now be utilized instead of the WebIQ Server time

  • Lots of smaller updates and fixes

Please note that from now on the changelog will always contain internal ticket numbers allowing for easier identification on whether a bug that has been reported by you has been fixed with this release

WebIQ Designer

  • WEBIQ-3412 Renamed "Manage WebIQ Development Server" window to "System Settings and License Management"

  • WEBIQ-3368 Created a new configuration pattern for use in custom widgets: INPUT_JSON

  • WEBIQ-3366 Remote Manager: when connecting to a server via an encrypted TLS connection if a self-signed or expired certificate is found a dialog will be shown allowing the user to accept or reject the certificate temporarily.

  • WEBIQ-3355 New internal web server for browsing the current app directly from inside WebIQ Designer without requiring a publish.

  • WEBIQ-3344 Remote Manager: now includes list of last used servers and easier input of host and port

  • WEBIQ-3342 Project List: Added display of tag and io handler counts for apps (only after first publish with this version)

  • WEBIQ-3341 About Screen: Renamed 'items' to 'tags'

  • WEBIQ-3332 Project List: if an app was created or updated to a later version of WebIQ a clear message showing the minimum version required will now be shown.

  • WEBIQ-3319 Composite widgets can now be duplicated (to create another independent instance)

  • WEBIQ-3266 CSS Modifier Dialog: added search with autocomplete

  • WEBIQ-3042 IQ Alarm List/IQ Alarm Info: optimized configuration and wording in WebIQ Designer

  • WEBIQ-3389 Fix: Custom CSS: a '+' in the filename was not correctly escaped leading to such CSS files not being rendered by the browser

  • WEBIQ-3377 Fix: Widgets: when an item could be selected in a configuration pattern virtual items were not selectable anymore

  • WEBIQ-3364 Fix: Localizations inside label and unit texts used inside text widgets using the corresponding label and unit placeholders were not localized.

  • WEBIQ-3338 Fix: When WebIQ Designer was directly connected to a remote server whose time was significantly different from the local time a license expiration window was shown with the wrong date/time.

  • WEBIQ-3333 Fix: For large apps when deleting a large number of widgets simultaneously not all deletions were successful.

  • WEBIQ-3330 Fix: Process Data Manager: when not applying modified data and following certain steps a non-closeable dialog was shown

  • WEBIQ-3329 Fix: When directly connecting to a remote server via the command line (ws-host) for editing an app that does not support parallel connections app downloads failed. (ctrlX)

  • WEBIQ-3424 Fix: When the connection to the License Agent service was lost or the last installed license had been deleted the license recovery dialog was only displayed once leaving WebIQ Designer in a lingering state (error affected 2.11.4 only)

WebIQ Server

  • WEBIQ-3411 Webbrowser cache time can now be configured in System & License Manager and has been lowered from 1 day to 60 seconds resolving cache clearing requirements after updating an app on the runtime.

  • WEBIQ-3410 When a connection to the WebIQ License Server cannot be established a better message with more technical details is shown.

  • WEBIQ-3352 Added support for OPC-UA ENUM data types (integer values only)

  • WEBIQ-3340 The OPC UA IO Handler now reads and observes limits set by the OPC UA server and logs them to the log (low log level only)

  • WEBIQ-3336 System & License Manager: now includes user, listener and log settings

  • WEBIQ-3335 System & License Manager: License Management now shows the number of currently available licenses for multi-user floating licenses

  • WEBIQ-3246 The timestamp from the OPC UA server can now be utilized instead of the WebIQ Server time (please read the documentation before using it)

  • WEBIQ-3357 Fix: Possible crash when binary messages were received.

  • WEBIQ-3328 Fix: Possible crash when the system awoke from hibernation or similar features affecting certain system time changes

  • WEBIQ-3309 Fix: When an invalid license key was entered no message was shown, only no result was returned.

  • WEBIQ-3419 Fix: Master license keys were not handled correctly regarding their case. When the beginning of the key 'PC-' was entered as 'pc-' the verification failed.

  • WEBIQ-3420 Fix: Fixed a crash when remotely connected with WebIQ Designer to a WebIQ Server instance with a floating license on Linux

  • WEBIQ-3421 Fix: System & License Manager: When setting the log level to certain values the values were applied but not shown anymore when opening the settings dialog again.

WebIQ Visuals

  • WEBIQ-3356 UI Action 'write-item-bitmask' now also offers toggling via XOR

  • WEBIQ-3324 LocalScripts/Custom Widgets: the methods shmi.onReady, onActive, onEnable now return an object that can be used to cancel any pending listeners when the LocalScript is unloaded.

  • WEBIQ-3317 IQ Responsive Menu: the mobile menu now behaves according to the direction (left/right)

  • WEBIQ-3293 Overlay Keyboard: Improved UI and UX for better handling

  • WEBIQ-3262 User Widgets: now users with the group 'admin' can be excluded from the display

  • WEBIQ-3372 Fix: IQ Radial Gauge: with a gradient background for the indicator or background line in newer versions of browsers a JavaScript error occurred possibly stopping the JavaScript execution in the browser

Version 2.11.4

Release Date: 13. May 2022

Main Features

This is mostly a bugfix release for WebIQ Server with some new notable features added:

  • Performance improvement for publishing and loading apps

  • UX improvements for messages regarding autostart of apps in WebIQ Designer

  • Alarm storage period can now be configured in WebIQ Designer

  • Localization Manager has been updated

WebIQ Designer

  • Disabled red underlined auto-correction suggestions in inputs in WebIQ Designer introduced due to Electron defaults

  • The error message when license restrictions have been exceeded now shows an easier to understand message

  • When closing WebIQ Designer with running projects a warning will be shown when no Runtime license is installed

  • When apps are removed from a remote system autostart is now also enabled for those deleted apps

  • Updated Remote Manager title and tooltip text

  • Performance improvement for publishing and loading apps.

  • When adding apps to the autostart on systems without a Runtime license a warning is shown indicating that autoload is only available for Runtime licenses.

  • Localization Manager has been updated with consolidated import and export dialogs

  • Fix: Process Data Manager: Fixed an error introduced with WebIQ 2.11 that prevented creation of more than 100 items at once (or a larger minimumamount)

  • Fix: When a duplicate localization variable was added no error was shown.

  • Fix: A performance bug during loading and publishing of a project that had been fixed before but reappeared has been fixed again.

  • Fix: When a localization text was null (which can only happen when using generated localizations) a script error was shown when filtering the localization list.

WebIQ Server

  • When apps are stopped because of license resource limits a message is now logged

  • How long alarms should be kept in the database can now be configured in WebIQ Designer

  • Fix: In rare circumstances beginning with version 2.11.0 large trend queries could cause a server crash.

  • Fix: When WebIQ Designer was quit a corresponding floating license was not returned immediately.

  • Fix: Highly improved performance in web browser and WebIQ Designer by using gzip compression

  • Fix: When other license restrictions like IO Handlers were exceeded the error message 'too many items' was returned instead

  • Fix: WebIQ Designer licenses always had unlimited items even if the license had a limit

  • Fix: WebIQ Server sometimes quit after awaking from a hibernate of power saving mode on the system

WebIQ Visuals

  • The website favicon has been updated

  • UI Actions 'recipe-add', 'recipe-apply' and 'recipe-capture' did not allow using an IQ Recipe List widget instance

  • Fix: Fixed a wrong console error message when a prepared query failed

Version 2.11.3

Release Date: 26. April 2022

WebIQ Server

  • Fix: Fixed a license issue for ctrlX only that was caused by release 2.11.2

Version 2.11.2

Release Date: 20. April 2022

Main Features

  • Bugfix release including support for automated use of a proxy server on Windows for online licensing.

  • Items and structures can now be imported ans exported

  • Localizations can now fully reference other localizations using placeholders

WebIQ Designer

  • Process Data Manager: the 'Update Items' button is now always enabled

  • About: the text on the About screen can now be selected to copy information

  • Composite Widgets: placeholder texts can now be localized

  • About Screen: the IP address/host name of the WebIQ Server WebIQ Designer is connected to is now be displayed

  • Process Data Manager: Items and structures can now be imported and exported easily

  • Fix: When a weak password has been entered in WebIQ Designer the error message now shows the specific password requirements.

  • Fix: A virtual item could be created without entering a name for it.

  • Fix: Remote Manager: after starting an app the 'Browse' button only was enabled after selecting another entry first

  • Fix: Process Data Manager: attributes set in the variables tab were not stored/applied

  • Fix: Code Manager: highly improved including a fix that selected the complete file when a certain part was selected

  • Fix: After activating a legacy license no feedback was shown

  • Fix: App Settings: auto-login could be enabled even without specifying credentials

WebIQ Server

  • System&License Manager: the manual activation dialog has been simplified for ease of use

  • WebIQ now uses a system proxy on Windows automatically when no direct connection to the internet is available.

  • WebIQ Server now waits for WebIQ License Agent before starting autostart apps on runtime systems

  • Fix: Fixed an issue where WebIQ services on Windows could not be stopped.

  • Fix: License Agent: manual changes in license_agent.json had no effect when the License Agent was running as a service (default)

  • Fix: Fixed an error when calling OPC UA methods that did not have input or output parameters

  • Fix: When a runtime license had been installed on a system in addition to a WebIQ Designer license when WebIQ Designer was closed all running apps were terminated.

  • Fix: With two instances of WebIQ Server on the same system only one system received a license from the WebIQ License Agent

  • Fix: License Agent: in certain circumstances loaded HMI apps were unloaded from the server when client limits were exceeded by a new connection

  • Fix: Changed the user for the Windows services from user 'SYSTEM' to 'NT AUTHORITY\NETWORKSERVICE'

WebIQ Visuals

  • HTML Widget: content isolation is now enabled by default

  • LocalScripts: added a 'write-item' event that can be enabled to write custom scripts that only handle item changes that originate in the HMI (and not on the OPC-UA datasource)

  • Localizations can now fully reference other localizations using placeholders

  • UI-Action: a new UI Action has been created that allows for switching unit classes

  • Fix: With the Overlay Keyboard enabled on mobile devices the system keyboard was still shown. This has been fixed.

  • Fix: When the Overlay Keyboard is enabled in an HMI it will no longer be shown on smartphones. Instead, the system keyboard will be used.

  • Fix: The Overlay Keyboard did not show the buttons to switch to numbers or the space key on mobile devices.

  • Fix: IQ Button Rocker: in 'inverted' style the arrows were displayed in dark instead of white

  • Fix: IQ Select Radio: wrongly displayed in Firefox

  • Fix: Recipe Select: not fully usable on touch devices when inside a dialog or popup

  • Fix: Overlay Keyboard: in certain widgets utilizing the Complex Table internal widget no input was possible on mobile devices

  • Fix: IQ Text: when connecting a string item the content was casted to a float value

  • Fix: IQ Slider: was not fully usable on mobile devices

  • Fix: IQ Responsive Menu - Configuration: renamed 'Access Condition' to 'Condition to lock/hide menu element'

  • Fix: App Auto-Login: with an active auto-login a newly connected user would not be shown an error when the available client count had been exceeded.

Version 2.11.1

Release Date: 1. April 2022

Main Features

This is mainly a bugfix release fixing some issues and is now also available for ctrlX.

WebIQ Designer

  • Package Manager: Newly installed packages can now also be uninstalled. This works only for packages installed after updating to WebIQ 2.11.1 because the installed files have to be recorded.

  • Fix: For legacy subscription licenses license expiration warnings were displayed that were not intended.

  • Fix: Process Data Manager: the list of variables sometimes showed entries that had already been removed

  • Fix: Layout Manager: a double scrollbar in the widget list has been fixed

  • Fix: Offline activation in WebIQ Designer showed the wrong URL to use

WebIQ Server

  • The integrated OpenSSL library used for TLS encryption has been updated to 1.1.1n because of CVE-2022-0778

  • Added available log levels in command line output of --help for the log levels setting

  • Fix: WebIQ License Agent did not handle the parameters --uid and --gid correctly

  • Fix: On Linux systems sometimes newly added licenses were only active after restarting the WebIQ License Agent service

WebIQ Visuals

  • Fix: IQ User List widget sometimes caused an error during locking of the widget (timing issue)

  • Fix: The HTML widget contents are now completely separated from the HMI itself so that CSS styles from the HMI cannot influence the styling of the HTML Widget contents anymore

  • Fix: IQ Linear Gauge Widget sometimes showed the gradient incorrectly

  • Fix: IQ Responsive Menu: the mobile 'burger' menu size can now be changed using width & height

  • Fix: IQ Linear Gauge Widget was wrongly positioned in some circumstances

Version 2.11.0

Release Date: 11. March 2022


  • New Licensing Sytem with Floating Licenses that can be used on different devices (requires permanent online connection)

  • WebIQ Server can now be licensed for use with Docker

  • New WebIQ System & License Manager has been created

  • Trend Widgets:

  • the total number of curves has been changed from 5 to 10

  • when selecting another trend curve the current display will no longer be reset to live mode

  • IQ Recipe List: New widget for recipe selection as a table

  • New and fresh app login page which now shoes the app preview image by default allowing easy replacement

  • New UI Action 'composite-placeholders' has been added to change composite placeholders during runtime

  • New UI-Actions for importing and exporting recipes

Release Notes

With WebIQ 2.11 several things have changed:

  • New floating WebIQ Designer licenses are now supported (permanent online connection required, but licenses can be checked out for offline use for up to 30 days)

  • New licenses will be issued as license keys that can be used directly for activation (online connection required)

  • Legacy licenses are still supported

  • New WebIQ License Agent service - needs to taken into account when upgrading Linux installations (see corresponding documentation)

  • The free license with 30 items has been discontinued and replaced with a free trial version that is valid for 30 days that does otherwise behave as a normal WebIQ Designer license (i.e. no item limits anymore)

  • The activation file ACTIVATEME.TXT is no longer written to the filesystem. It can be downloaded from WebIQ Runtime Manager after login

WebIQ Server

  • WebIQ Server can now also be licensed inside a Docker Container.

  • From now on WebIQ Designer stores the login so you do not have to enter the credentials after entering it the first time anymore.

  • Trend data transfer via the API has been improved by using chunking.

  • User data has been split into a separate database user.sqlite. Existing apps will be converted automatically once loaded.

  • New WebIQ License & System Manager has been created

  • Service Tray tool has been removed as the server can be started and stopped via Windows TaskManager (services tab)

  • Fix: Server Configuration Tool: when changing the password of a user the timestamp was inserted in the wrong field

  • Fix: The error occurring on Siemens S7 devices BadTooManyMonitoredItems when too many items have been subscribed will now be logged with the normal loglevel, not only in trace mode.

  • Fix: Fixed trend.query API method returning an exception when a string item was contained in the trend

  • Fix: Fixed an error when calling OPC UA methods that did not have input or output parameters

  • Fix: Fixed an error in API method that resulted in the complete file being transferred even if the parameter count was set

  • Fix: Fixed a crash when creating a specific simulation variable using the internal IO Handler

  • Fix: When the server was started with the command --config-database an empty database was created correctly, but the server exited incorrectly

  • Fix: Server API: Fixed SQL Logic error when using filtering

  • Fix: IOHandler: when multiple items were subscribed at once and some of those are not available the values might have been mixed up

  • Fix: In rare circumstances the server might have crashed on Linux systems when methods were called

  • Fix: When no simulation variables were contained in an app (if all of them had been deleted manually) the event system did not work leading to non-logged alarms etc.

WebIQ Designer

  • The license management has been improved and redesigned

  • The default login screen for a WebIQ app has now a new design and includes the app preview image.

  • The About screen has been redesigned

  • The login screen has been redesigned

  • Process Data Manager: Simulation: a reference to a meber variable is now possible via $.<member>

  • IQ Responsive Menu: a separatir can now also be shown on level 1 - but is only shown on vertical layouts (left, right)

  • Alarm Manager: 'Confirm Item' has been renamed to 'Confirm Output Item' to clarify the direction

  • When importing a project an app with the same name might have been overwritten because the existence of an app with the same name was not checked

  • Process Data Manager: Variables and localizations can now be selected via the normal dialogs under 'Variables' just as under 'Items'

  • 'Publish a copy' now also offers the option to rename the title of the app

  • Globally defined CSS modifier classes are now indicated in CSS modifier dialogs with a globa icon

  • UI Actions: New UI Action to load and store recipes

  • The default demo actSetValue data structure has been improved with regards to simulation

  • Fix: Process Data Manager: Fixed typo 'Maximunium'

  • Fix: Fixed an error where in rare circumstances an app publish process was not successful.

  • Fix: Fixed wrong wording 'TRESHOLD' instead of 'THRESHOLD'

  • Fix: IO Manager: a second instance of an internal IO Handler could not be created using simulation items

  • Fix: Fixed a timeout after composite configuration in rare circumstances

  • Fix: In certain cisrumstances the workspace box was shown twice and a publish was not possible

  • Fix: In rare circumstances it could happen that incomplete or outdated data was used.

  • Fix: IQ Responsive Menu: when moving menu entries in the configuration entries were sometimes duplicated

  • Fix: The default user now uses the en-GB locale, not the German locale anymore

  • Fix: When a screen was inside a dialog box a corresponding screen view could not be selected inside a UI Action configuration

  • Fix: A loading overlay was not shown when a huge number of data points was processed

  • Fix: A few missing localizations were fixed

  • Fix: Code Manager: when creating a new custom CSS file it was not checked if a file with that name already existed leading to potential overwriting of existing data

  • Fix: User Manager: user names consisting only of spaces can no longer be created

  • Fix: A user could be created without a password

WebIQ Visuals

  • Trend Select: A message is shown when the maximum number of curves that can be displayed has been reached when trying to select a curve

  • Trend Widgets: the total number of curves has been changed from 5 to 10

  • Trend-Widgets: When selecting another trend curve the current display will no longer be reset to live mode.

  • IQ Recipe List: New widget for recipe selection as a table

  • Login Screen: browser autocomplete has been disabled and the display of the user list has been fixed

  • New UI Action 'composite-placeholders' has been added to change composite placeholders during runtime

  • IQ User Info: added a UI Action option

  • IQ Input Field: it was not possible to jump to a specific position inside an input field using a finger or the mouse pointer

  • Fix: Recipe Edit: Renamining a recipe to an existing name failed but no message was shown

  • Fix: Apply function in the IQ Recipe List widget did not work

  • Fix: IQ DateTime: the placeholders DAYSHORT and MONTH did not work correctly

  • Fix: Trend Select: the height of the widget can now be changed inside WebIQ Designer effectively

  • Fix: Numpad: was opened twice in Firefox

  • Fix: IQ Select Time: entering a value in the input field did not have an effect

  • Fix: IQ USer List: an empty/too short password was accepted

  • Fix: Fixed a JavaScript error when using the Recipe Select widget inside a Composite

  • Fix: IQ Responsive Menu: when using it inside a dialog the closed menu was visible outside of the dialog.

  • Fix: Composite Widget: when widget options (i.e. a selection of options) were passed through they could not be configured

  • Fix: IQ AlarmList: some colors were wrong when the 'inverted' modifier had been added

  • Fix: IQ User Controller: user names containing only of spaces can no longer be created

  • Fix: IQ AlarmList: speed improvement for the display of alarms

Version 2.10.3

Release Date: 24. November 2021


Fixes two bugs in WebIQ Server

WebIQ Server

  • Fix: Recipe Capture did not always log the correct versioning data

  • Fix: When the server sent a huge number of data packets within a short interval the websocket connection might have been closed on the server side

Version 2.10.2

Release Date: 24. November 2021

Main Features

  • The WebIQ 2.10.1 installer and packages contained the wrong OPC UA IO Handler.

Version 2.10.1

Release Date: 29. October 2021

Main Features

  • Bugfix release for WebIQ Server only - still includes WebIQ Designer 2.10.0.

WebIQ Server

  • Fix: TLS encryption did not work if no cipher list had been provided

  • Fix: In rare circumstances the server crashed when using an app with trend data on unloading the app

  • Fix: Fixed a memory leak in SQLite database handling

  • Fix: Entries in .webignore did not use a relative path but an absolute path

  • Fix: Certain variables (items) with a type alias, e.g. on SIEMENS plcs, could not be written

  • Fix: IOHandler: when multiple items were subscribed at once and some of those are not available the values might have been mixed up

Version 2.10.0

Release Date: 2. September 2021

Main Features

  • IQ Responsive Menu: new widgets replacing the now legacy Responsive Menu with a lot more options and support for top, right, bottom, left menus

  • IQ Alarm Info: new widget based on legacy Alarm Info widget with a lot more styling options

  • Support for OPC UA methods (importing, usage in LocalScripts and custom UI actions) has been added

  • "About" screen now shows all license, device and expiration information (also for subscriptions)

  • renamed "WebIQ Connect" to "WebIQ Server"

  • Added three new app starters and updated the previous version

  • Localization Manager: localizations can now be multi-line.

  • lots of improvements and fixes

WebIQ Visuals

  • Composites: added missing modifiers 'hidden' and 'invisible'

  • IQ Accordion Menu & IQ Slide Menu: new widgets replacing the now legacy Responsive Widget with a lot more options

  • IQ Alarm Info: new widget based on legacy Alarm Info widget with a lot more styling options

  • IQ AlarmList: Improved widget

  • IQ AlarmList: added IQ styling options

  • IQ AlarmList: added IQ styling options for the confirmation and detail buttons

  • IQ AlarmList: placeholders can now also be used for the alarm group column

  • IQ Button: regrouped UI action configurations for usage in composite widgets

  • IQ Image Changer and IQ Label now support bit masks

  • IQ Image Changer: icons can now also be uploaded directly from an image option

  • IQ Quality Display: Renamed options "Bar foreground" to "Indicator Line" and "Bar background" to "Background Line" for consistency reasons

  • IQ Rocker Button: changed default stepping to 1

  • IQ Shapes: Added new shape widgets with easy customization and usage

  • IQ UserList: improved the default sizing behavior

  • It is now possible to call OPC UA methods from LocalScripts and UI Actions

  • Localization Manager: localizations can now be multi-line. IQ Date Time also allows for multiline text input now.

  • Popup Menu: made 'auto-close' description in the configuration easier to understand

  • RecipeEdit: improved the default sizing behavior

  • Swipe Panel: when the indicator has been disabled the space at the bottom is now removed

  • UI Actions: 'recipe-apply' has been added

  • UI Actions: 'setLocale' now shows all available localizations as a dropdown list - no longer required to enter text manually

  • User Manager: added support for user groups/roles and hierarchical structures

  • Fix: Composites: Certain widget attributes were not available in composite widget configuration dialogs

  • Fix: Container: now no longer as 'Float Container' in Code Manager CSS list - also sorted the list

  • Fix: General: Fixed an issue in RecipeManager where the 'listTemplates' method failed when 'includeItems' had been set to 'false'

  • Fix: General: Unit class settings were not correctly restored and/or updated on locale or API change

  • Fix: General: the configured decimal limiter was not applied everywhere

  • Fix: IQ AlarmList: The method "alarms.query" required admin privileges (meaning that the usage of the IQ AlarmList widget only worked for users with admin privileges)

  • Fix: IQ AlarmList: when no height had been specified for the widget it became larger with more alarms

  • Fix: IQ DateTime: did not work when inserted into a panel widget

  • Fix: IQ Image Changer: added support for bit masks

  • Fix: IQ Input Field: value was not considered on first enter in certain circumstances

  • Fix: IQ Label: options were not localized

  • Fix: IQ Radial Gauge: In Firefox indicator and background colors were always green

  • Fix: IQ Radial Gauge: font styling had no effect

  • Fix: IQ Rocker Button: babel and unit still took up space even when not specified

  • Fix: IQ Select Box: the CSS modifier 'list-on-top' has been added

  • Fix: IQ Text Display: did not correctly react to item attributes in certain cases

  • Fix: Numpad: the unit was not localized in all instances

  • Fix: Numpad: when clicking on the OK/Cancel buttons on a touch device when an input field with enabled numpas was directly below one of the buttons the numpad was opened again

  • Fix: Overlay Keyboard: fixed an issue where the language selection did not work

  • Fix: Recipe Edit: when a referenced item was not available the widget was not usable

  • Fix: Recipe UI Actions: fixed wrong error message when no recipe had been selected

  • Fix: Trend Select: fixed color selection dialog

  • Fix: Trend Widgets: the unit was not localized

  • Fix: Fixed an internal error in shmi.onEnable/shmi.onReady

WebIQ Server

  • Added TLS 1.3+ options to WebIQ Server and the Server Configuration Tool

  • Added a new configuration API for OPC UA methods

  • Added better error messages when TLS certificates could not be loaded

  • Fixed possible crash for certain OPC UA connections and servers

  • IO Browser: fixed an issue with some PLCs where certain variables could not be imported

  • The service tray icon is now shown on Windows even after a Windows Explorer restart (i.e. Windows Explorer crash)

  • Fix: A readDirect call returned NULL values when the same item was included in the query multiple times

  • Fix: FIxed a possible deadlock in rare circumstances

  • Fix: In rare conditions a race condition occurred when a connection to a OPC UA server was closed

  • Fix: Specifying a relative path for TLS certificates did not work on all systems

  • Fix: The method user.logout returned an error which resulted in auto-logout not working inside an app

  • Fix: When an app contained an app archive it could not be imported

WebIQ Designer

  • General: Added three new app starters and updated the previous version

  • General: About screen now shows all license, device and expiration information (also for subscriptions)

  • General: importing projects has been optimized

  • General: renamed "WebIQ Connect" to "WebIQ Server"

  • Code Manager: user is now asked when leaving the editor with unsaved changes if he wishes to save those changes

  • Layout Manager: navigation bar on the left no longer closes when moving the mouse pointer over the texts

  • Layout Manager: Created composite widgets can now be configured through the widget list via right-click

  • Layout Manager: a reload button has been added to force a reload of the Layout Manager to reflect the latest changes

  • Layout Manager: a reset button has been added for device-specific settings

  • Layout Manager: added option "delete" to the context menu

  • Layout Manager: exported layouts can now be imported again even if they contain composite widgets that already exist in the app

  • Layout Manager: the context menu is now also available on right-click in the layout area

  • Layout Manager: the operator "<>" is now available for comparison operations in the CSS modifier and locking dialogs

  • Layout Manager: when moving widgets between different hierarchies their connection was lost

  • Layout Manager: when no element has been selected the cockpit on the right no longer shows configuration options

  • OPCUA Method Manager: new manager to manage OPC UA methods for use in apps

  • Process Data Manager: IO Browser - Added reload functionality for visualizing changes made on the connected PLC

  • Process Data Manager: it is now possible to import hierarchies without specifying a prefix

  • Process Data Manager: multiple variables can now be deleted at once

  • Process Data Manager: when importing PLC items the input field is now focused automatically

  • Project Dashboard: "Publish as" has been renamed to "Publish a Copy" to avoid confusion

  • Project Dashboard: Renamed columns for better usability

  • Project Dashboard: development server configuration added, restructured and moved publish buttons into the workspace box

  • Recorder Manager, Recipe Manager: improved item selection dialog

  • Remote Manager/Configuration: For TLS 1.3+ encryption ciphers can now be specified

  • Remote Manager: better understandable and very specific error messages shown now when remote commands fail

  • Remote Manager & Development Server Configuration: added an "open in browser" button

  • User Manager: better error message when trying to create a user without a password

  • Fix: Alarm Manager: Fixed wrong styling of alarm context item delete button

  • Fix: Alarm Manager: a horizontal scrollbar was shown that was not required

  • Fix: Fixed wrong first CSS selector in generated CSS in Code Manager

  • Fix: General: After upgrading from older versions of WebIQ the error "Current password does not match" was shown on first start of WebIQ Designer

  • Fix: General: a missing webiq.json in the workspace (due to whatever reason) caused WebIQ Designer to show the load screen indefinetly

  • Fix: IQ Radial Gauge: the widget size increased unexpectedly when a padding had been added

  • Fix: Layout Manager: CSS Modifiers and Lock Conditions did not work correctly in a view

  • Fix: Layout Manager: Responsive Inspector for "origin" used the "rotation" value

  • Fix: Layout Manager: newly created localizations were not always shown immediately

  • Fix: Layout Manager: removed the option to configure a layout from a Composite Widget as it is not supported and did not work

  • Fix: Layout Manager: some "auto-*" values were set incorrectly in the corresponding widget

  • Fix: Package Manager: When the name of a package was not the same as the package directory name installation failed

  • Fix: Process Data Manager: A simulation value could not be defined on variable creation

  • Fix: Process Data Manager: Removed obsolete namespace column

  • Fix: Process Data Manager: When closing the IO Browser via the "X" an error was shown

  • Fix: Process Data Manager: When reopening the IO Browser an outdated state was shown sometimes

  • Fix: Process Data Manager: in certain cases the generation of items using 'Update Items' was not successful and showed an error

  • Fix: Process Data Manager: with a previous search performed a new entry could not be created

  • Fix: Project Dashboard: Changed a misleading warning regarding publish when closing the workspace

Version 2.9.0

Release Date: 9. April 2021


  • Replaced layout containers by new "IQ FlexH" and "IQ FlexV" containers for easier and better styling

  • Widgets can now be rotated

  • Configured widgets can now be added to an in-app widget template library

  • Complete Variable levels can now be imported in the Process Data Manager at once

WebIQ Designer

  • Fix: Layout Manager: Cut & Paste with Panel widgets (Screen, Swipe Panel, Tab Panel) into itself failed

  • Fix: Localization Manager: Importing a localization file overwrote project changes

  • Fix: IO Manager: An error occurred on unloading workspace in rare circumstances

  • Fix: Error message "Unsaved data will be lost" in login screen in rare circumstances

  • Fix: Remote Manager: the scan for finding other devices in the network was very slow

  • Fix: Unable to close a composite configuration dialog after changing a configuration parameter

  • Fix: IQ-Style selector list did not indicate a set background on the widget box (blue indicator)

  • Layout Manager: Widgets can now be rotated

  • Layout Manager: Configured widgets can now be saved to a custom in-app widget template library

  • Layout Manager: Added new flex methods "grow" and "shrink"

  • Layout Manager: Box Model Configurator is now smaller and the currently edited value is highlighted

  • Layout Manager: Moved min-/max styling to a separate value hiding it by default for better usability

  • Layout Manager: Changing widget dimensions is now locked after manually setting width/height with percentage values

  • About Page: The activation file can now be downloaded from inside WebIQ Designer

  • Process Data Manager: You can now import complete variable levels from a PLC

  • Process Data Manager: When leaving the Process Data Manager with new variables and without item updates the dialog now includes a "Cancel" option

  • Process Data Manager: Added "threshold" entry for variables and structures

  • Process Data Manager: Browser: Added tooltip as a hint

  • Resetting the current workspace is now possible instead of the "Already loaded" error message that was shown previously when a workspace is already in use

  • The Starter App has been optimized by removing unused assets and now uses the new layout containers

WebIQ Connect

  • Fix: Deadlock when the database was accessed in certain circumstances

  • Fix: ioHandlerOPC: Browser: Crash when browsing a node without a browse/display name

WebIQ Visuals

  • Fix: Rocker Button: Icon was no longer visible when a background color had been set

  • Fix: Trend Display: Fixed missing scale labels

  • Fix: An error occurred when the VISUALS "addControl" method had been called, but the method "onAddControl" was not implemented

  • Fix: IQ Radial Gauge: CSS modifiers "warn", "preWarn" and "ok" had the wrong order

  • New IQ layout containers "IQ Horizontal Flex" and "IQ Vertical Flex" are now available replacing the old containers

  • The default container for the "root" and "content" containers have been changed to the new IQ FlexV container

  • New apps now only have the internal default themes "moonstone" and "obsidian" active for less CSS code (performance increase)

  • IQ Linear Gauge: renamed "Foreground Bar" to "Indicator Line" and "Background Bar" to "Background Line" to correspond to the IQ Radial Gauge naming

  • IQ Slider: Added styling options for indicator line and indicator background

  • IQ AlarmList: the acknowledge button can now be hidden through the configuration

  • IQ AlarmList: Can now be styled using IQ Styling

  • HTML Widget: Replaced the icon

  • AlphaNumKeyboard: in case of a password field the password is no longer shown in cleartext on the keyboard

  • Swipe Panel: "Show Indicator" is now turned on by default to avoid confusion

Version 2.8.2

Release Date: 5. March 2021


  • Bugfix Release fixing bugs related to connectivity and stability.

WebIQ Designer

  • Fix: When inserting a widget into a view of a panel sometimes the view was set to the first view of the panel, not the one where it has been inserted

WebIQ Visuals

  • Fix: Trend Select: trend selection did not work when clicking on the letter button

WebIQ Connect

  • Fix: ioHandlerOPC (Linux): Intermittent crash when unloading the shared object

  • Fix: ioHandlerOPC: Continuation Points were not used when browsing the PLC leading to missing items in the list in WebIQ Designer

  • Fix: (ARM) Crash when obtaining an updated license from the MyWebIQ server (only affects licenses with expiration dates)

  • Fix: Memory leak when querying SSDP data (auto-discovery)

  • Fix: returned NULL for some variables when subscribed and non-subscribed values were retrieved at the same time

Version 2.8.1

Release Date: 19. February 2021

Main Features

Bugfix Release fixing bugs introduced with release 2.8.0.

WebIQ Designer

  • Fix: Process Data Manager: Did not validate license restrictions (when adding more items than allowed an error was shown)

  • Fix: Process Data Manager: "Structure" tab still contained a "namespace" option

WebIQ Connect

  • Fix: A deadlock while (internally) accessing the database could occur (introduced with 2.8.0)

  • Fix: IO Manager: IP and port were ignored for legacy IO Handlers (introduced with 2.8.0), does not affect default OPC UA IO Handler

  • Fix: IO Handlers required specifying the ending ".so" on Linux. This is now no longer required.

  • Fix: Namespaces of OPC UA methods used were not updated when updating from a previous version which led to methods not working anymore with WebIQ

WebIQ Visuals

  • IQ AlarmList: Context variables are now supported in the list

Version 2.8.0

Release Date: 11. February 2021


  • Added OPC UA Browser for a lot easier import of items into WebIQ Designer

  • New and improved IQ widgets

  • Faster app creation and package installation and update with new parallel processing

WebIQ Connect

  • Added support for daemonizing WebIQ Server for older Linux systems by using the --daemon parameter

  • Fix: The item update interval was also used for the initial reading of the item - this has been fixed now (e.g. when the update interval was set to 5 minutes the initial value was also read after 5 minutes only)

  • Fix: optional listeners were not treated as optional when the license requirements were exceeded

WebIQ Visuals

  • Layout Manager: Optimized cockpits by making them more compact

  • Layout Manager: Added IQ Icon for IQ widgets in Configuration Cockpit

  • New widget: IQ Alarm List

  • New widget: IQ Progress Info

  • New widget: IQ Slider

  • New widget: IQ Linear Gauge

  • New widget: IQ Quality Display

  • New widget: HTML widget

  • IQ Button: Added new vertical layout

  • IQ Image: Added click event (UI Action)

  • IQ Image Changer: Added click event (UI Action)

  • IQ Radial Gauge: Made it possible to modify icon, label and unit position

  • IQ Flip-Switch: On/Off state can now be styled

  • IQ Select Radio: New selector "Option Icon"

  • IQ Slider now supports directly clicking on a specific part of it to set a value ("click & jump")

  • Minor changes to widget names

  • Added color gradients to IQ widget styling where possible

  • Optimized LESS compiling

  • Added entries to .webiqignore file

  • Easy access to items in LocalScripts via new method subscribe() in ItemManager

  • Fix: IQ Select-Box: added missing CSS selectors

  • Fix: IQ Input Field did not correctly set the maximum value when leaving the input field

  • Fix: IQ Button: fix for missing "button" element / possible error when used in Composite Widgets

  • Fix: IQ Button: kept event listeners in onDisable

  • Fix: IQ Button: CSS selector was missing

  • Fix: IQ Text Display: digits, min/max values were not read from the item if specified

  • Fix: IQ Quality Display: Layout #3 has an error where the set value would be in the wrong position

  • Fix: IQ Linear Gauge: Bar background styles did not have any effect

  • Fix: IQ Progress Info: Bar background styles did not have any effect

  • Fix: Composite Widgets: when attributes with lists (e.g. IQ Image Changer, IQ Select Radio, IQ Select Box) were made available for configuration of the composite WebIQ Designer became unusable and had to be restarted

  • Fix: Trend Display: unit conversion via unit class did not work

  • Fix: Trend Legend: unit conversion via unit class did not work

  • Fix: VirtualItem min/max value was ignored if one had been set to zero

  • Fix: If auto-login had been enabled and a user tried to login manually with any user using the wrong password the auto-login was performed

  • Fix: After a locale change within an app Virtual Items were initialized too late

  • Fix: (internals) Query Manager: queryDirect only worked for up to 10 entries

WebIQ Designer

  • Package Manager: After uploading a package the tab "Available" is now shown automatically

  • Optimized build process for app creation and package installation and updates for speed improvement

  • Process Data Manager: Initial items have been replaced with initial variables in the Process Data Manager and cleaned up

  • IQ Widgets: IQ Styling cockpit now shows whether ´custom settings have been applied to certain sub-configurations

  • Composite Widget: added a dialog to prevent user from accidentally deleting snippet code

  • Optimized/changed icons for widgets Alarm List, Recipe widgets, Trend widgets, iFrame, IQ Label, IQ Duration Display, IQ DateTime

  • IQ Widgets: option "Is UTC Time" has been renamed to "Display as UTC Time" to avoid confusion

  • Layout Manager: When no positioning has been explicitly specified the text "static" is no longer shown on the widget selection frame

  • JSON files created by WebIQ Designer now use JSON pretty-printing to prevent merge conflicts in a version control system like GIT

  • Added OPC UA Browsing user interface (tgrough IO Handler Browser)

  • Code Manager: Removed legacy widget CSS selectors and renamed IQ selectors to not contain the "IQ" anymore

  • Layout Manager: Container widget outlines can now be shown by enabling them via the hierarchy

  • About Page: open source and third-party licenses can now be accessed directly from within WebIQ Designer

  • Fonts have been optmized for better readibility

  • Flex Container: added new option "flex none for all children"

  • Fix: A superfluous file was published to each app

  • Fix: When adding and deleting widgets superfluous code remains will now be removed with a new publish

Version 2.7.0

Release Date: 15. September 2020

Main Features

  • 23 new IQ Widgets allowing for a lot more flexibility in design and many different layouts and individual instance-based styling

WebIQ Designer

  • Custom Widgets: When using the Code Manager for CSS with defined CSS selectors the comments are now shown with correct linebreaks and not collapsed

  • Layout Manager: You can now switch the preview window to full screen and vice versa by pressing F11 when it is open

  • Development Integration: .webignore has been extended so that less files are copied to and from the workspace

  • Fix: Fixed config pattern ARRAY_OF LABELED_VALUES (used for select box options etc.) so that the options are now applied immediately after creation an option

  • Fix: Fixed config pattern ARRAY_OF LABELED_VALUES (used for select box options etc.): an icon could not be removed anymore

  • Fix: Remote Runtime Manager: some connection error messages were only shown when the dialog had been closed

  • Fix: Remote Runtime Manager: the wrong message was shown when some user data was changed when only one user existed in the app

  • Fix: Remote Runtime Manager: Improved error message when a listener on a remote system could not be enabled

  • Fix: Package Manager: in rare circumstances WebIQ Designer could crash when clicking on the "Reload Packages" button

  • Fix: IO Manager: "port" was always set to NULL

WebIQ Visuals

  • 23 new IQ Widgets

  • Containers extended with IQ styling options

  • Panels extended with IQ styling options

  • Overlays extended with IQ styling options

  • Containers: removed legacy CSS modifiers for background colors

  • Custom Code: The currentUser object now contains description, firstname and lastname of the currently logged in user

  • Fix: Overlay Keyboard: Numbers could not be entered anymore since WebIQ 2.6.0

  • Fix: Panels: the initial view was not set correctly

  • Fix: Input Field (custom scripts or widgets): The "change" event always contained a string value even if the type had been set to a numeric type

  • Fix: Recipe Edit: When scrolling on a touch display the scrolling opened and closed the tree unexpectedly

  • Fix: Tab-Panel: When the widget has locked it still showed hover effects on the tabs

WebIQ Server

  • Statement events no longer worked since WebIQ 2.5.2

  • API: The user-set command did not allow removal of a user from a group once he had been added

Version 2.6.0

Release Date: 31. July 2020

Main Features

  • New Composite Widgets (structured widget groups)

  • New Process Data Manager for improved item configuration and support for structured data

  • New Remote Runtime Manager to configure WebIQ Connect runtime systems remotely and up- and download apps

  • New Condition Dialog for setting CSS modifiers depending on up to two conditions

  • New Lock Condition Dialog for locking widgets depending on up to two conditions

  • WebIQ Connect now runs as a system service on Windows and does not have to be started separately and manually anymore

  • New Connect Tray Tool for starting/restarting/stopping the new WebIQ Connect Windows service

  • Projects are now no longer stored in the Windows user-dependent %APPDATA% directory but in the systems %PROGRAMDATA% directory (service dependency)

WebIQ Designer

  • Alarm Manager: alarms can now be defined with bit access with hexadecimal and binary notation

  • New Remote Runtime Manager allowing for downloading/uploading projects and configuring the runtime system remotely

  • Better error message when uploading invalid project packages

  • Added more CSS Modifiers for widgets

  • Added "Flex-Grow" option to Style Cockpit for more styling options

  • Added new Condition Dialog that allows the setting of CSS classes based on up to two conditions

  • An app is now opened with the last used device type selected

  • When uploading a project the default Windows "Downloads" folder is selected

  • Added a lot more tooltips for configuration options

  • The default user for a new app now automatically gets assigned to the "admin" group (required for certain internal API calls)

  • Layout Manager: Optimized widget list and moved it to the left side for ease of use

  • Layout Manager: a widget is now automatically selected by default when inserted

  • Layout Manager: the Hierarchy Cockpit can now be opened and closed separately by using the new handle

  • Layout Manager: both the Style and Configuration Cockpit now show the same information in the header

  • Layout Manager: Widget list is closed automatically when clicking somewhere else

  • Layout Manager: Widget list is closed by default when dragging a widget into the view (and can be pinned)

  • New Process Data Manager allowing for extensive item configuration and structures including support for arrays

  • Changed default raster for absolute positioning from 10x10 pixels to 8x8 pixels

  • Conditional locking of widgets has been implemented using the new "Lock Condition" dialog in the Configuration Cockpit

  • Fix: Fixed issue with config pattern INPUT_MULTILINE_STRING that led to an issue when used multiple times (custom widgets only)

  • Fix: Layout Manager: Setting "offset-top" in the style cockpit to "auto" sometimes led to a JavaScript error

  • Fix: Layout Manager: Sometimes the drag handle used with absolute positioning could not be selected

  • Fix: Layout Manager: Keyboard focus highlight was missing for some buttons in the cockpit

  • Fix: Layout Manager: Widget list did not always open when using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+^

  • Fix: Layout Manager: Tab panel contents could not be selected in the layout

  • Fix: IOHandler parameter validation error fixed

  • Fix: Fixed endless loop in certain seldom situations after copying a widget with Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V

  • Fix: UI Action deletion did not delete every occurrence

  • Fix: UI Action "Write Item" did not work with bit access

  • Fix: When using Windows hibernation sometimes an old version was shown in the preview after restoring from hibernation mode

  • Fix: The container widgets could be moved inside one of its children

  • Fix: Fixed an error when cancelling the "publish" confirmation message

  • Fix: Localization Manager: unable to navigate in some text fields using the mouse only as the full text was always automatically selected

  • Fix: When the wrong password was entered in the Designer login, no error was shown

  • Fix: Fixed flickering of widgets when using UI Action "setview"

  • Fix: Fixed invalid display of Slider widget in WebIQ Designer on project load in certain situations

WebIQ Server

  • WebIQ Connect is now running as a system service on Windows systems

  • Project directory "WebIQ Projects" is now created automatically on startup if it does not exist

  • Projects are now no longer stored in the Windows user-dependent %APPDATA% directory but in the systems %PROGRAMDATA% directory

  • Added support for structures

  • Fix: Only one autostart project was started even when more were configured

  • Fix: Connect Configuration Tool: when configuring TLS certificates using "connectcfg listener add" the provided certificate paths were not written to the database

  • Fix: Connect Configuration Tool: used the wrong directory for connect.sqlite on Linux systems

  • Fix: Fixed failed app upload in WebIQ Designer when the username or the password contained special characters

  • Fix: Fixed some license issues where a license became invalid in certain conditions

  • Fix: IOHandler information was tried to be read if and even though the IOHandler could not be loaded on Linux

  • Fix: Internal error in BASE64 encoder has been fixed

  • Fix: Fixed a deadlock in trend manager that could occur when recorder items were deleted and recreated manually before the deletion had been completed

WebIQ Visuals

  • Added new Composite Widgets allowing for re-use of custom groups of widgets

  • The package type of the "Visuals" package is now shown as "system" in Package Manager

  • Added generalized support for tooltips

  • Recipe Widgets: new tree view added and additional updates

  • New UI Action available for incrementing/decrementing values

  • Fix: Panel: When specifying an invalid initial panel index the panel was not displayed at all

  • Fix: Change Password Dialog (internal): The cancel button did not work

  • Fix: Flip-Switch: Initial button labels were not correctly set to the ones specified

  • Fix: Flip-Switch: In locked state the mouse pointer did not show the correct image on hover

  • Fix: UI-Action "write-item-bitmask" did not work with virtual items

  • Fix: Alarm List: When confirming an alarm via the built-in dialog and clicking on the [X] to close the confirmation window nothing could be confirmed anymore from then on

  • Fix: Unit switching did not work anymore after locale switching

  • Fix: Linear Gauge did not react to size changes when it had been disabled once, e.g. by changing the view in the Template Editor of WebIQ Designer

  • Fix: Input Field: these were sometimes only focused after two clicks

  • Fix: Responsive Menu: fixed an error on configuration

  • Fix: Auto-Logout after defined auto-logout time only logged the user out technically but did not redirect to the login form

Version 2.5.2

Release Date: 25. February 2020

WebIQ Designer

  • Fix: Fixed scripts "grunt control --create" and "grunt control --export" which did not work anymore since 2.5.0

  • Fix: License Activation showed wrong option after selecting "offline activation" and revisiting the option

  • Fix: When there were unsaved changes and the user uploaded a package changes were lost without notice

  • Fix: In certain apps the initial Layout Manager view was wrongly positioned

  • Update: Header tabs in cockpits now have the same styling as in the Layout Manager

WebIQ Visuals

  • Fix: Trend Display: Arrow buttons below the display did not have an effect anymore

WebIQ Server

  • Fix: [SECURITY] HTTP Body messages of arbitrary length were accepted probably resulting in the allocation of more RAM than is available on the system which could be used to cause a denial of service attack (only if the attacker can send HTTP packages to the server via the network)

  • Fix: [SECURITY] Fixed a bug that allowed clients with access to the file system API to read and modify arbitrary files (only if the attacker can send HTTP packages to the server via the network)

  • Fix: [SECURITY] Fixed a vulnerability that allowed an unauthenticated remote attacker to cause a worker thread to infinitely loop (only if the attacker can send HTTP packages to the server via the network)

  • Fix: When an IOHandler was unable to connect to its datasource initially it never tried again. However, when a connection had already been established successfully and then was lost the retry had already been implemented before. This fixes subscriptions failing in cases where WebIQ Connect is ready before a datasource. The IO source needs have connection state signaling implemented for this to work.

  • Fix: Fixed a crash on startup when encountering network devices without AF_INET or AF_INET6 addresses (e.g. CANBUS) (Linux only)

  • Fix: The terminal was unusable after exiting the server (Linux only)

  • Fix: After starting the terminal on some systems it was cleared instead of showing the output of the process (Linux only)

  • Fix: (OPCUA IoHandler) When the OPC UA server has security disabled a connection was not possible

Version 2.5.1

Release Date: 13. December 2019

WebIQ Designer


  • Fix: Uploading an offline license and app preview image and favicon did not work anymore.

Version 2.5.0

Release Date: 12. December 2019

Main Features

  • Added pixel-perfect positioning of widgets including "snap to grid"

  • Implemented "Undo" and "Redo"

  • Cockpits can now be opened concurrently (Config / Style / Hierarchy) with double-click on the header

  • New licensing system to allow for less license expirations with changed system configurations

Absolute Positioning Within The WebIQ Designer
Figure 1. Absolute Positioning Within The WebIQ Designer"

WebIQ Designer


  • Windows user name and system name is now used for the app editor instead of the generic "admin" user

  • Added "Publish" option and renamed previous "Publish" option to "Publish and Close" to allow for a better workflow

  • Auto-focus and keeping last search active in dialogs

  • Projects can now be imported as a ZIP file (export was implemented in 2.4.0)

  • Renamed 'Item' to 'Entry' in Responsive Menu to avoid confusion with a PLC item

  • Erroneously unpacked apps in the packages directory are now ignored

  • Preventing unsaved changes from being lost by new modal prompts that ask how to proceed when switching between managers

  • Added more tooltips and improved user experience

  • Improved performance, especially when loading an app

  • Now showing the license key in the about dialog, updated license handling

  • New "Prevent Automatic Login" option as a UI Action

  • Minimum version for Microsoft browsers has been changed to Edge 17

  • Fix: Preview did not open in default language

  • Fix: Publish was not possible when the folder name was too long

  • Fix: Disallow deletion of last remaining user in app as it cannot be loaded then

  • Fix: Last edit date was not displayed in 24 hours format

  • Fix: Unit class configuration did not work correctly in Designer and preview, but in the published app

  • Fix: Crash fixed by Electron update

Layout Manager

  • Added pixel-perfect positioning of widgets including "snap to grid"

  • Implemented "Undo" and "Redo"

  • Renamed "Controls" to "Widgets"

  • Cockpits can now be opened concurrently (Config / Style / Hierarchy) with double-click on the header

  • Highlighting custom style settings in hierarchy view

  • Container + Flex option is now an additional container widget

  • Refreshed design in Layout Manager

  • Added "fold all" and "unfold all" buttons to Hierarchy Cockpit

  • Optimized Box Model Configurator and Configuration Patterns

  • Added "Publish" button to sidebar

  • Fix: Error when certain offsets, margins and paddings were deleted

  • Fix: Expired password dialog was shown in Designer on expired app password

  • Fix: Various small scrollbar issues

Export And Import Any Structures Of The HMI Project
Figure 2. Export And Import Any Structures Of The HMI Project Within The WebIQ Designer, Also Across Projects"

IO Manager & Item Manager

  • Added bit access for items

  • Removed Host & Port for OPC UA server to avoid confusion

  • When creating a new item the previously used IO Handler is preset automatically

  • Fix: Digits field could not be set to "empty"

  • Fix: Virtual item configuration was partly broken

  • Fix: An empty virtual item could be created

Recorder Manager

  • Completely redesigned for an improved workflow and organization

Package Manager

  • Now showing missing packages (packages installed in the loaded app but not available locally)

  • Added "Reload Packages" button

  • Added "Upload Package" button to add and update package via ZIP upload

  • Improved error messages when invalid files are uploaded

  • Search box has been removed

Recipe Template Manager

  • Fix: It was possible to add meta data and items without a template

WebIQ Server

  • Improved/modified data recorder api

  • Implemented licensing of ARM devices (e.g. Raspberry Pi)

  • Optimized licensing system to prevent invalid licenses through some system changes

  • Added support for licensing WebIQ with hardware tokens

  • IO Handler: Implemented OPC UA client certificate support

  • Fix: no listeners were working when the app had more listeners than allowed by the license and the first listener port was in usage

  • Fix: Crashed when subscribing items with digit < 0

  • Fix: Designer unsuable when license expired and app loaded in workspace

  • Fix: several fixes in data recorder

  • Fix: several fixes in trend data

  • Fix: Io Handler: could not call OPC UA methods without parameters

  • Fix: Io Handler: possible data loss of statement events when the database was locked

  • Fix: Io handler: no information when connection to plc was lost

  • Fix: Crashed with API calls with timestamps

  • Fix: A PLC item could not be assigned to two WebIQ items concurrently (only the second widget received the updates)

  • Fix: live-trend update was coupled with the commit interval

  • Fix: the wrong items got "failed" status

  • Fix: deletion of subscribed items sometimes caused memory leaks

  • Fix: Event conditions with valid large numbers could not be parsed sometimes

WebIQ Visuals

  • Quality Display: added new options

  • Input Field: now supports multi-line texts

  • Select Recipe: now with automatic focus in field

  • Dialog: max-width has been removed

  • Text: now also supports item values

  • iFrame widget: added

  • Alarm History: Added "is UTC Time" option

  • Fix: UI Action: 'write-item' did not work with virtual items

  • Fix: SelectTime/Date fixed errors

  • Fix: Alarm History filter did not work

  • Fix: Input-Field: setting digits to 0 showed three digits instead of none

  • Fix: Warn limits were evaluated even when they were not enabled but had been defined

  • Fix: Text-Display: Label was not inverted correctly with the "inverted" CSS modifier

  • Fix: Text-Display: Unit class was not displayed correctly sometimes

  • Fix: Input Field: Initial focus did not work always

  • Fix: Panel: last view got lost in certain circumstances

  • Fix: implemented uniform CSS box-sizing for all widgets

    • Fix: Trend Legend widget showed long numbers temporarily in certain instances

Version 2.4.0

Release Date: August 2019

Main Features

  • Import & export of layout structures

  • New widgets: Date/Time Display, User Info, Progress Info

  • New UI Action editor

  • Projects can now be imported into WebIQ Designer as a ZIP file

  • Many UI optimizations in WebIQ Designer

  • Added support for automatically updating Developer License subscriptions (no need to activate monthly licenses manually anymore)

WebIQ Designer


  • Layout Manager: Auto-Button for Label was not highlighted correctly in the configuration panels when selected

  • Item Manager: A change of the interval of an item caused an error message

  • Layout Manager: The checkbox "Show System Localizations" in the "Select a Localization variable" did not have any effect

  • User Manager: "Discard Changes" dialog: fixed missing translation

  • Package Manager: When updating the visuals package of an app the file .webiqignore was mistakenly replaced by the version from the visuals package

  • Layout Manager: widget bar button could not be reached on low resolution displays


  • Layout structures can now be exported and imported within and between apps

  • Projects can now be imported as a ZIP file

  • Optimized project dashboard to contain three instead of four columns

  • Unified navigation so that all tools can now be accessed from anywhere

  • Added new Demo HMI app replacing the previous SmartWIND app to ease onboarding

  • Added help menu to project list and project dashboard

  • Changed the "Manual" link in the help menu now pointing to the Designer Manual instead of the documentation overview

  • Added tooltips to project list buttons

  • Layout Manager: Hierarchy is now by default collapsed except the first two levels

  • Layout Manager: Hierarchy using smaller and better readable font, compressed view, swapped scrollbar colors and containers are displayed with their corresponding icons

  • Code Manager: new UI Action editor integrated

  • Project List: added new project placeholder when no project has been loaded

  • Project List: added buttons "Create new Project" and "Import Project"

  • Project List: added tutorial link

  • Project List: Clicking on the project workspace opens the project dashboard

  • Home button now always leads to the project dashboard

WebIQ Server


  • Recipes: Fixed a permission issue with apps prior to WebIQ 2.3.0 when recipe widgets were added

  • A missing .webiqignore file after a failed publish action caused deletion of all files listed in the .webiqgnore file

  • Optimized license validation

  • Simulation: range calculation had a off-by-one issue leading to a very high number instead of 0

  • Simulation: limits has a one-off issue in triangle function

  • Simulation: functions ramp, randomramp, randomact2 were not updated when changed via Designer

  • Recorder: certain simulation items caused a crash when used in a recorder

  • Label, unit, digits from context items were returned as array from ""


  • ioHandler: added support for multi read/write

  • Simulation: simulation limits can now be specified via the API

  • Added support for subscriptions with automatically renewing license files not requiring any user intervention (with internet connectivity)

  • SQLite journal size limit set to 4MB from 16 KB to ease storage access

WebIQ Visuals


  • New widget "Date/Time Display"

  • New widget "User Info"

  • New widget "Progress Info"

  • New UI Action "set Bitmask" / added "bit:" item prefix for bitmask settings

  • Alarm Info widget: added more display options (cycle, configure whether info, warning, alarm type messages are shown) and removed dependency on items Letzter_Alarm_Class, Anzahl_Alarme and Letzter_Alarm

  • Added new "formattedValue" attribute to allow using in localizations

  • Added new method "changePassword" to User Manager


  • Trend Select widget: Fixed a script error when clicking on the "Style" box under certain circumstances

  • Text widget: Fixed white background - is now correctly transparent

  • UI Action "write-item" did not work with virtual items

  • Fixed issues with certain widgets which used Select Time and/or Select Date internally

  • Text Display, Recipe Selection, Select Radio and Quality Display: Fixed wrong label color in widgets

  • Recipe Edit widget: unit font was wrong

  • Recipe widgets: the deletion of a recipe showed an error though the deletion was successful

  • Quality Display widget improved: added bar and additional configuration options

Version 2.3.1

Release Date: 29.05.2019

WebIQ Visuals


  • Recipe-Editor: Don’t attempt to modify values the current user doesn’t have access to. This previously caused the request to fail. Unauthorized users were not able to change values.

WebIQ Server


  • Data-Recorder not removing old records

  • Project upgrade fails if Trend-Items have been assigned to Data-Recorder NULL (=all)

  • Remove item from recipe data when item is removed

  • Fixed possible racing condition (crash) when initializing Data-Recorders

Version 2.3.0

Release Date: 20.05.2019

Main Features

  • Recipe Manager and management with new recipe widgets

  • Localization Manager improvements

  • New On-Screen Keyboard

  • App download as ZIP file, package upload as ZIP file

  • New widget: Toggle Button

WebIQ Designer


  • Better error description when an app could not be published

  • Packages view was not reset in Package Manager when a new app was loaded

  • UI optimization: replaced internally used table by new SmartTable

  • Added missing localization for UTC time for Select-Time widget

  • Added enabling over new Overlay Keyboard

  • Localization was missing for Slider label

  • Breadcrumb separator icon in footer was wrong

  • .webiqignore file was reset when an app was updated with a newer Visuals package version

  • Fixed typo "substraction" in item configuration

  • Better error message indicating that package updates for major versions are not supported

  • Fixed script error when the date format field was cleared in the Select-Date widget

  • Added missing localization for missing user data error message in User Manager

  • Fixed errors with overlays in Template Editor

  • When using min-/max-width/height with "none" invalid CSS has been generated

  • Added double-click in Layout Manager hierachy to open Template Editor

  • Fixed error when changing a simulation item to a non-simulation item


  • Added new Recipe Manager

  • Added new widgets: recipe-select, recipe-edit, recipe-controller

  • Added new widget: Toggle Button

  • Added new UI Action: apply & capture recipes

  • Added CSV import in Localization Manager

  • Prevented loading an app that has been created with a newer version of WebIQ to prevent errors

  • Added ability to download apps as ZIP file

  • Added additional button to clear the current workspace

  • Removed default credentials for auto-login

  • Added additional CSS templates for widgets in Code Manager

  • Added new CSS classes 'inverted' for widgets Quality Display and Text

  • Ensure dialog boxes are always on top of the UI

  • Added button to reload the project list

  • Localization Manager: keep filter and selections after update, added ability to delete locales, highlighting of reference language

  • Localization Manager: new checkbox to hide/show predefined localizations

  • Localization Manager: ability to edit all localizations directly in the configuration dialog

  • Localization Manager: reference language is now named "default language" to improve understandability

  • Improved error message when loading a project which exceeds license limitations

  • Select-Time Widget: UTC checkbox enabled by default

  • Added ability to upload packages in Package Manager

WebIQ Server


  • Optimized logging of empty item aliases in log file


  • Added support for TLS 1.3

  • Deletion of items is now cascading - alarms and trends connected are also deleted implicitly

WebIQ Visuals


  • New customizable Overlay Keyboard

  • Changed Trend Live/Stop buttons to non-toggle buttons

  • Added UI Action to confirm alarms

  • Added ability to use custom icons in custom packages

  • Added Meta Robots tag to default HTML page

  • LESS restructuring for Quality Display widget


  • Fixed script error in certain cases in Trend Select

Version → 2.2.2

Release Date: 27.03.2019

Main Features

Bugfix Release

WebIQ Designer


  • Open project dashboard upon login if an app is loaded

  • Show last user name in login form

  • Show license information on start when using the free edition

  • Allow opening of unlimited previews from WebIQ Designer even with the free edition


  • Widget was shown in Layout Manager even when it was hidden

  • Rocker-Button Up/Down arrows did not work when stepping was set to 0 (default)

  • Unclear error message when the instantiation of an IOHandler failed

  • Starter Package was not reset when a new app was created

  • Old trend and trend items were not removed automatically

  • Dialog-Box vanished when changing some parameters

  • "ms" shown in wrong font

  • WebIQ Packages unpacked to the WebIQ Projects folder were shown as an app

  • Label was missing for ICON_UPLOAD_OR_FONT

  • JSON file was not deleted on custom control loading in Designer

  • Loading app hangs at 90%

  • Unable to publish app after deleting some views

  • Localisation text was missing for style sheet deletion

  • Some Designer JS libraries were published with apps

  • Inability to delete a user sometimes

  • Copy&Paste in Tab-Panel leads to a broken view

  • Wrong/missing error message on package dependencies

  • Ctrl+S lead to a hanging Designer when no app has been loaded

  • Improved "too many items" error message

WebIQ Server


  • "Uncaught error: socket hang up" when using specific UTF-8 characters in uploaded images

  • Migration error ItemListAll / UpdateFunction

  • DirectRead returned null

  • Connect could be started multiple times in parallel and behaved unpredictable

  • Small errors with SQL queries fixed that caused Connect to crash in a specific app

  • Custom IOHandler Items were not subscribed in demo mode

  • Bug in API filter fixed

  • Fixed crash through Copy&Paste in Designer

  • Fixed crash when port already in use

  • Changed "Current users" in console to "Current clients"

  • Linux: Fixed: Error loading splash file

  • Timestamps of recorded alarms were too large

  • Config API - Item description was returned in the wrong property

  • Alarm API could not filter by "severity"

  • Fixed crash when item recorder recorded an unconfigured item

WebIQ Visuals


  • Slide-In widget was not clickable after insertion

  • Select-Time widget showed the wrong time when connecting to system time item

  • Input field - removed parameter "step"

  • Connect.json was loaded though it did not exist anymore

  • JSON directory was not created when using "grunt control --create"

  • Start scripts were not executed anymore

  • Trend-Display 'Pinch to Zoom' did not work anymore

Version → 2.2.1

Release Date: 17.01.2019

Main Features

  • Minor bug fixes

WebIQ Designer


  • License activation error messages were not shown in detail


  • Trend display configuration kept some previous configuration settings

  • New item creation form was not reset after new item creation

  • An invalid JSON locale file caused Designer to hang

  • Script error due to timing in Windows 7 in a VM

WebIQ Server


  • Version now written into log file


  • Runtime License Configuration Page could not be accessed in browser

  • Login with URL parameters was not possible anymore

  • ACTIVATEME.TXT was not created when the WebIQ directory did not exist in %APPDATA%

  • Linux version did not show correct version information

  • Client Hardware-IDs did change under certain circumstances

WebIQ Visuals


  • Dialog box was not optimal after initialization

  • Project window controls not correctly parsed

  • Loading and publishing apps sometimes failed when version control system directories like .git and .svn were inside the project

  • Several updates for internal methods


  • Added information about the use of scripting

  • Updated iformation about ui-actions

Version → 2.2.0

Release Date: 18.12.2018

With the release of version 2.2.0, we are ceasing to provide the "unofficial" developer licenses, that we have previously provided for pilot customers. Relevant customers, who wish to continue to develop web HMIs using the WebIQ HMI, system require a corresponding developer license.

Main Features

  • Added code manager for integrated JavaScript and CSS Coding

  • Run multiple web HMIs with one WebIQ Server in parallel

  • Improved monitoring of package updates)

  • Added Import & Export of Localization Files (JSON / CSV)

  • Added new widget Quality Display

  • Added new widget Text and Label

  • Added new widget Image Changer

  • Added numpad to input widgets

Code Manager Within The WebIQ Designer
Figure 3. Use Of The Code Manager Within WebIQ Designer"

WebIQ Designer


  • New Code Editor for LocalScripts and CSS including meta data for several default controls

  • Removed TrendManager and included it in the Recorder

  • Added New Recorder

  • Added start and stop icons to start and stop apps in the connected WebIQ Connect server

  • Improved configuration of UI-Actions

  • Improved localization file import/export

  • Responsive Inspector updated

  • Added horizontal scrollbar in hierarchy view

  • App settings dialog can now be opened from dashboard as well

  • Required package updates now shown in dashboard

  • Function Clear Workspace added

  • License download and activation in WebIQ Designer

  • Require package updates before being able to modify the app if it uses old packages

  • Added license exceeded info when using the demo license when opening an app


  • < and > conditions were missig for alarms

  • Alarm deletion did not work

  • New app could be created with default app title

  • Project with the same name was not displayed

  • Creating a project where the directory name already existed resulted in an endless loading overlay display

  • Window title said "WebIQ 2.0" even though it was "2.2.0"

  • Opening the responsive inspector led to an error when no element was selected

  • Cut action could not be undone

  • Cut, copy & paste buttons resulted in an error when no element was selected

  • Layout manager could be opened without an active app in the workspace

  • Loading overlay on app creation was delayed

  • Some custom config patterns were not loaded

  • Focus outline showed transparent buttons wrongly

  • Opacity values were displayed with the wrong unit in the responsive inspector

  • Focus outline was overlayed by elements nearby

  • Script error when using the cursor keys in the UI action dropdown

  • View manager level could not be changed in certain cases

  • View did not have an icon

  • Opacity in the style cockpit set value to NaN instead of an empty string

  • Error in log view fixed

  • View manager overlay was visible in overlay controls

  • Recorder and alarm manager icons were not displayed in launch bar

  • Container type was always displayed as "Float Container" in the container configuration

  • Locales were only replaced in the selected locale, not in all

  • CSV export in locale manager had the default extension ".csv"

  • User settings in new project dialog were not always cleared for new projects

  • Backslash instead of forward slash in image changer image path fixed

  • UI action "dialog" did not work

WebIQ Visuals


  • New widget Quality Display

  • New widget Text to add styled text, renamed text2 control to Label

  • New widget Image Changer

  • Add Numpad to input widgets

  • Alarm List & Alarm History improvements

  • New Grunt task to create a custom control skeleton from the command line


  • Select-Box and Linear-Gauge caused scrollbars in certain cases

  • Trend Legend Improvements

  • UI actions Write-Item only worked with strings

  • Slider sent FLOAT values when an INT variable was connected

  • Button control could be used via the keyboard even if it was locked

  • Slide-In was not clickable after insertion

  • Slide-In control showed a shadow even when it was closed

  • Trend display z-index was incorrect in certain cases

  • Select-Box icon position was offset

  • Responsive menu did not have a default icon

WebIQ Server


  • Now allows for multiple apps to run in parallel with a single instance

  • New command line configuration tool for runtime usage

  • Historic alarm archive days now fixed to 30

  • Passwords can now be set to 0 to never expire


  • Connect did not close correctly on Windows sometimes when the window is closed

  • Was not able to open ~/.webiq directory on Linux

  • Trend queries were disproportionately slow for huge datasets

  • Did not always exit correctly on Linux on SIGTERM/SIGINT


  • Added live demos and video tutorial into the customer area

  • Added control examples, example apps and library packages into download area

  • Added information about simulation of process values

  • Added information about warning level

  • Added information about usage of alarms and alarm lists

  • Added information about running multiple web HMIs

  • Updated information about setup connection to data source

  • Updated information about setup process or virtual items

  • Updated information about usage of recorders and trend display

Version → 2.1.4

Release Date: 21.02.2019

WebIQ Server


  • Connect: Fix: Optimized handling of data when the database is temporarily locked

Version → 2.1.3

Release Date: 17.01.2019

Main Features

  • Backport of bug fixes from WebIQ 2.2.1 for 2.1 version

WebIQ Server


  • Runtime License Configuration Page could not be accessed in browser

  • ACTIVATEME.TXT was not created when the WebIQ directory did not exist in %APPDATA%

Version → 2.1.1

Release Date: 19.07.2018

Starting with version 2.1.1, we no longer offer a separate installation for WebIQ Connect for Windows. From version 2.1.1 you can create these with the installer of the "HMI system WebIQ (Designer & Runtime for Windows)" by following the installation instructions.

You will still get a separate installation for WebIQ Connect for Linux 32bit and 64bit, which is now called HMI-System WebIQ (Runtime for Linux 32/64 bit).

Main Features

  • Added manager for alarm configuration & alarm controls

  • Added manager for item recorder & trend configuration & trend controls

  • Added hierarchical and full responsive menu control

  • Added app settings

  • Added demo-app "Smartwind"

  • Added online documentation & video tutorials

Trend Display Within The WebIQ Designer
Figure 4. Use Of The Trend Display Within The WebIQ Designer"


The installation of the WebIQ HMI system and the licenses will be changed as follows:

WebIQ Runtime Version

  • Deployment with the WebIQ Installer (Installation of the feature WebIQ Connect only)

  • Requires Runtime License

  • License is hardware-linked and unlimited in time

WebIQ Developer Version

  • Deployment with a WebQ Installer (Installation of the features WebIQ Connect and WebIQ Designer)

  • Requires Developer License

  • License is hardware-linked and limited in time to 1 year

Usage of WebIQ without license (demo version)

  • WebIQ can also be used without a (valid) license

  • WebIQ will start in demo mode

  • All functionalities are available, except for the following restriction

    • A maximum of 30 process variables can be connected (max. tags = 30)

    • A maximum of one data source / controller can be connected ( = 1)

    • The HMI can be displayed on only one client in parallel (max clients = 1)

Furthermore you will not be able to run the WebIQ Developer Version with a runtime license key and vice-versa.

The deployment of the developer license, which is valid for three months, in the customer area is expiring. From version 2.1 you need your personal developer license. In the transition phase, the developer license will be provided again in the known form but with a shorter runtime (only 1 month). For questions or for a short-term license agreement please contact

WebIQ Designer


  • Added configuration of alarms (Alarm Manager)

  • Added configuration of recorder & trends (Recorder Manager / Trend Manager)

  • Added dialog for app settings

  • Added support for custom configuration-patterns to be included with WebIQ packages

  • Initial setup password is now automatically used during first login until a custom password is configured

  • Added app debugger console to display result of less / style compilation when packages are update or installed

  • Add support to include locale texts with WebIQ packages on install or update


  • Fixed hover colors for locked buttons in configuration cockpits.

  • Fixed broken ui-action "set-theme"

  • Fixed some connect configuration options allowed virtual items to be selected

  • Fixed missing localization texts

  • Clarified some error texts

  • Fixed controls being able to be dropped into controls other than Container and View in the layout hierarchy

  • Fixed display error when layout hierarchy entries in a collapsed section were selected

WebIQ Visuals


  • Alarm controls are now fully usable (Alarm List, Alarm History, Alarm Info)

  • Updated styling of alarm controls

  • Trend controls are now fully usable (Trend Display, Trend Select, Trend Zoom, Trend Legend)

  • Integration of the Responsive Menu (full responsive hierarchical menu)

Responsive Menu Within The WebIQ Designer
Figure 5. Use Of The Responsive Menu Within The WebIQ Designer"


  • Fixed missing localization texts

  • Fixed memory leak in shmi.evalString method

  • Fixed less of newly added controls not compiled

  • Fixed missing support of ItemManager directRead / directWrite methods

  • Fixed image-changer default image not working

  • Fixed missing localization texts

  • Linted library & controls

  • Fixed default config of item "Letzter_Alarm_Class"

  • Fixed item selection problems in Trend-Select control

  • Fixed duplication error when Trend-Zoom control was disabled and enabled again

WebIQ Server


  • Added configuration APIs for Data-Recorder and Trends

  • The initial password is now communicated to WebIQ Designer without user interaction


  • Fixed a crash that can occur during alarm-manager initialization

  • Fixed acknowledgable alarms getting stuck in active state if another instance of the alarm becomes active

  • Fixed alarms leaking a few bytes of memory each

  • Fixed a crash / freeze that can occur of the sqlite database is being accessed while a historic alarm is being recorded

  • Fixed multiple "database is locked" crashes

  • Fixed database updater not properly detaching reference databases

  • Fixed a crash that can happen during data-recorder initialization

  • Fixed min and max aggregation not working as intended for data-recorder

  • Fixed database path for data recorder not being relative to the projects directory

  • Fixed data recorder using hmi.sqlite instead of custom.sqlite if set to internal:custom

  • Fixed issues with non-alpha-numeric characters in path names

  • Fixed owner lock not working

  • Fixed ioHandlers being loaded regardless of "enabled" state when adding via the API

  • Fixed multiple crashes caused by clients disconnecting early

  • Fixed multiple issues that can cause publishing apps from WebIQ Designer to fail


  • Add information about switching between multiple views (see section "Switch Views")

  • Add information about layouting (see section "Layout And Style Your HMI")

  • Add information about localization (see section "Localize Your HMI")

  • Add information about user-actions (see section "Define UI-Actions")

  • Add information about trends (see section "Use Trend Values")

  • Add information about packages (see section "Manage Packages")

Other Changes

  • The password notification screen can no longer be overlooked

  • Improved SQL performance when loading large chunks of data

  • Added proper command-line parameter handling

  • Improved table-lock handling with SQLite

  • Improved loading and publishing of apps

  • Improved feedback when apps cannot be loaded

  • The 60 minutes time limit in unlicensed mode has been removed

  • The client limit in unlicensed mode is now 1 (demo-mode)

  • The item limit in unlicensed mode is now 30 (demo-Mode)

  • HMIs, that exceed the item limit according to the installed license key or in case of the usage of an unlicensed version, can no longer be loaded

Initial Version 2.0.0

Release Date: 03.04.2018

Only important changes are included in this changelog.

Main Features

Version 2.0 integrates the modules HMI server WebIQ Server, the HMI UI framework WebIQ Visuals and the HMI development environment WebIQ Designer into an overall system that can be installed with the help of one installer (Windows). All features and functions are accessible via the WebIQ Designer, which now represents the face of the HMI system WebIQ.

With Version 2.0 everyone can create, process and organize HMIs without having programming expertise. The HMI system WebIQ makes everyone a HMI designer. WebIQ is the first 100% web based available HMI system in the market, which works similar to well-established Web Content Management Systems (CMS) and brings true web technology into the industrial automation.

  • Add, admin and monitor your HMI projects

  • Connect your HMI projects to any data source via OPC UA

  • Add and admin your process items

  • Add and admin user, user groups and access groups

  • Create your HMIs with multiple views

  • Add and edit container, panels, overlays and controls

  • Use drag and drop to place and move containers and controls

  • Layout and style your HMI

  • Design and validate responsive HMIs

  • Preview your HMI

  • Localize your HMI

  • Expand your HMI with additional control packages

WebIQ Server

  • Intergrates Version 2.0 of the HMI server WebIQ Server

  • Refere to the changlog-file of WebIQ Server for details

WebIQ Visuals

  • Intergrates Version 2.0 of the HMI UI framework WebIQ Visuals

  • Delivered as package into the WebIQ Designer

  • Implements the new and simplified grid system and CSS styling

WebIQ Designer

  • Integrates the brandnew version 2.0 of the HMI development environment WebIQ Designer

  • Replaces the Beta2-Version of the WebIQ Designer

  • Represents the new interaction and navigation concept for faster development and better usability

  • Refere to the WebIQ Manual - WebIQ Designer of WebIQ Server for details

Other Changes

  • Online documentation