OPC UA & MQTT Is Integrated By Default

  • Connect your web HMI to different PLCs via OPC UA, the most advanced communication protocol for industrial automation
  • Use WebIQ as a gateway between the world of automation and the web environment
  • Exchange process data easily between PLC and any web client in order to visualize them or to realize innovative I4.0 scenarios, such as
    - Predictive maintenance
    - Predictive quality
    - Etc
  • Encrypt the data exchange 
  • Use structured data or objects which are defined in OPC UA
  • Standardize process data objects (sematic and meaning) according to the "OPC UA Companion Specifications"
  • Connect alternatively your web HMI to IoT devices with MQTT, the widely established communication protocol for IoT
  • Define your payloads and topics for MQTT with Javascript
  • Or implement your own custom IO handler to any proprietay data source, such as a legacy software service or cutom PLC

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