Design Once – Run Everywhere

  • Just design one single web HMI that can be displayed on any target device which has a HTML5-compliant web browser, such as
    - Static panel displays at the machine
    - Office PCs
    - Tablets
    - Smart phones
    - Etc.
  • Display your web HMI in the kiosk mode of the web browser
  • Distribute your web-HMI via (local) network, you don’t need any additional installation (no additional software, no browser plugins or extensions)
  • Make your web HMI responsive so that it fits automatically in any display size and orientation

Get Started For Free

Sign up for MyWebIQ. Here you will find access to our online examples, videos and a demo version containing the WebIQ Designer and the WebIQ Runtime with full functionality and no time limit, including OPC UA connection. The demo-version is limited to one PLC, a maximum of 30 process variables and one client.