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WebIQ Designer: Designed For HMI Professionals By UX Experts

Interview With Miriam Bottesch

Miriam Bottesch is working as a User Experience Designer at the User Interface Design GmbH. She has extensive experience in the user-centered design of products from various industries. Miriam Bottesch studied communication design at the University of Design in Schwäbisch Gmünd and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts.

Smart HMI: Hello Miriam, You and your team played a key role in the interaction concept and graphic design of the WebIQ Designer. Meanwhile, your child is running and will be delivered to the first customers. Are you happy?
Miriam: Since 2017, my colleagues and I have been working to bring the WebIQ Designer to the market. I’m very happy, that it is now the time and I’m looking forward to the first feedback from the users.


Touch It (Design Of Multitouch HMIs) – Part 3


Choose The Right Gestures

With the advent of multi-touch interaction, a real race has broken out. Companies such as Apple, Microsoft or Google have patented a variety of touch gestures for their mobile smart devices. Some patent applications also contain quite questionable touch gestures and only a small percentage of the patented gestures really found their way into the products.


Touch It (Design Of Multitouch HMIs) – Part 2

Make Your Touch Interaction  Natural

In natural interaction, we take advantage of the knowledge of what each person brings from their natural environment, such as: the existing knowledge about physics from the everyday experience, etc. In the design of (multi) touch interactions, we play with this knowledge, because natural operation is much more intuitive.


Meaning Of Usability And User Experience In HMI Design

Interview With Franz Koller

Franz Koller is the founder and Managing Director of User Interface Design GmbH (UID).
The graduate computer scientist previously led the market strategy team Interactive Products at the Fraunhofer IAO and was a research assistant and project manager at the University of Stuttgart. Franz Koller has over 30 years of experience in designing human-machine interaction. He advises well-known customers in the consumer, enterprise and industry sectors. Franz Koller is a member of the board of the „Software & Digitalization“ Association of the VDMA.

Smart HMI: What’s the difference between Usability and User Experience (UX)?
Franz: Many use usability and user experience synonymously. However, both terms highlight different aspects of human-machine interaction.

Usability is a measure of the degree how easily users interact with a product. With user-friendly solutions, users reach their goals and tasks faster and are happier when using them. Mistakes and frustration are avoided or reduced.

The term User Experience goes one step further: user experience focuses on the positive feelings during the usage. Users experience the product positively when it meets their basic psychological needs, such as: Does this raise the motivation to use the product more